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World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Game Guide by

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Game Guide

Table of Contents

Basics - Attributes PES5 Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

There are two groups of attributes in general: basic and special. Basic attributes are reflected through values in the range 1-99. And special ones are awarded in the form of stars. Possessing the big quantity of the special attributes usually means the world reputation player.

Three attributes have the range 1-8. These are Consistency, Condition, and Weak foot accuracy.

Basic attributes increase/fall off in the Master League mode. Values change too in relation with the current player form.

Increase in basic attributes in the Master League mode. The attribute increases of +1 if the competitor played a few decent matches and he is suitably young. The Exp belt suggests it. - Attributes - World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Increase in basic attributes in the Master League mode. The attribute increases of +1 if the competitor played a few decent matches and he is suitably young. The Exp belt suggests it.


Height - the player's height, influences head play. The height is also important for goalkeepers. The height has no influence on other attributes.

Dominant foot - the leg preferred by the player, R - right, L- left. If e.g. Weak foot frequency has the value at least 8, than dominants foot will be shaping on the level 9. It means that the preferred leg will have the bigger priority this way.

Favoured Side/Foot - favorite pitch side/leg.

Position - the player's preferred position. It has small importance for the position engaged on the pitch.

Attack - offensive abilities assigned to strikers and wingers.

Defense - defensive abilities assigned to defenders, defensive helpers and goalkeepers.

Balance - it marks how the player stands on legs, it is hard to knock over the player with the high attribute, important for attackers and defenders, there is no importance in air duels.

Stamina - stamina, it decreases fast if the player is in the weak form, player who runs on e.g. the entire length of the wing loses it fast, when stamina is less than the half of the maximum value also the Speed top falls down, if the attribute is small the player will be tired more often during the match and the part of technical attributes will fall down the value.

Top speed - the player's maximum speed.

Acceleration - the time, which is necessary to reach the maximum speed, the bigger value the faster he gets it.

Response - the reflex, the time in which the player reacts on passes, extra attribute for the goalkeeper, the attacker is reacts faster on e.g. perpendicular passing and attains the ball, but also more often happens caught on offside.

Agility - the agility, the maneuverability, it shows how the player is changes the direction of the run, reacts to feints etc.

Dribble accuracy - accuracy and the better technique in the dribble.

Dribble speed - speed of the dribble, in other words: the more speed the less difference between the run in normal moving with the ball and the dribble.

Short Pass accuracy- accuracy of short passes.

Short Pass speed - speed of the ball sent with the pass, the ball more difficult to intercept.

Long Pass accuracy - accuracy of long passes.

Long Pass speed - speed of the ball sent with the high pass.

Shot accuracy - accuracy of shot, also important at executing penalties.

Shot power - power of shot, also important at free kicks.

Shot technique - technique of shot, the more the player is able to shoot (more reliably and powerful) from tough shooting positions; the shots are more often spectacular.

Free kick accuracy - accuracy of free kicks, basic attribute of the executor of kicks.

Curling - how the player is able to spin the ball, good for executors of free or corners kicks.

Header - how good and how accurate player can head, it comprises both shots and passing.

Jump - the height of the jump, connected with header creates the pretty good mixture, the extra attribute of the goalkeeper - how far he is able to take off.

Technique - control of the ball, how the ball "glues" to player's feet, the ball is often whipped back from the leg if the player has a weak attribute, he also badly catches passes, it also describe speed of the reaction to the next movement after the catch.

Aggresion - doggedness of the player, the defender with high attribute executes more brutal moves, goalkeeper is more prone to off to canters during free or corner kicks and the attacker is able to pick the defenders' group alone.

Mentality - the mentality, the player with the high attribute will be losing condition more slowly and when team is losing he is playing better.

Kepper skills - goalkeeper's abilities, we choose the goalkeeper according to this key, player with the attribute on the level 90 may be a good goalkeeper.

Team work - cooperation with team in general, the player will be more prone to pass more relevantly at the high attribute, to predict actions and will be faster adjusted to the style of the game and to the line-up, extremely important if we want to play faultless/on the high (although not necessarily!).

Consistency - stability, important at the game in season, the player will be maintaining high physical efficiency with the high attribute.

Condition - general shape, the player wins shape back faster in the season game, bound with Stamina and Consistency.

Weak foot accuracy - accuracy with weak (opposite to Dominant foot) leg.

Weak foot frequency - frequency of using weak (opposite to Dominant foot) leg.


Dribbling - enriches general possibilities to dribble, computer dribbles more often when plays with that player.

Tactical dribble - the computer more often dribbles with the ball and stops it to pass to the player standing on the better position.

Positioning - better arranging oneself on the pitch in order obtaining the ball after the pass, for CM players: Off the ball.

Reaction - attackers: they reach the ball faster near passes e.g. perpendicular; it increases the probability of being offside.

Playmaking - the player lines up considerably better according to other player who possesses the ball in order to receive the better pass.

Passing - it increases accuracy/brilliance of perpendicular passes, the assistant.

Scoring - it increases the probability of scoring, the player is more often put with the face to the goal that is he is able to run the center or the perpendicular pass faster.

1-1 Scoring - it increases the ability to shoot the goal one on one, additionally better chances of shots from lobs.

Post player - it improves possession of ball in rivals' penal field, additionally better direct passing and cooperation with team.

Lines - the player lines up exactly to the line of defense to fast run to the front, and to escape from defenders actually.

Middle Shooting - the ball doesn't usually gain the higher height on the distance shots than the 2.44 meter.

Side - it improves the game on flanks. The player e.g. in spite of the central position in the formation will pass to wings in order to assist there playing of the ball.

Centre - it improves the game on center. The player e.g. in spite of the wing position in the formation will pass to center in order to assist there playing of the ball.

Penalties - penal significantly accurate.

1-Touch pass - more relevant passing with "first touch".

Outside - the player more often passes with the exterior of the foot.

Marking - better covering and lining up in comparison with opponent players on the pitch.

Sliding tackle - better, more relevant slides performed by the player.

Covering - it improves lining up in the defensive line, in order to fill in lack.

D-Line control - the player is more capable to of doing the offside, players with the attribute more often stick exactly in the line.

Penalty stopper - better abilities for the defense of the penalty.

1-on-1 stopper - goalkeeper will better grab ball from attackers legs, better reflex at close range.

Long throw - it considerably increases the distance of the throw-in.

Injury tolerance - resistance to minor injuries, A - big, B -average, C - small.


Described in a test manner, available only in the view of team of Japan. They serve in no case for describing the player's quality. They are probably attributes, which will be added, in the next versions of the game.

GK ability - the goalkeeper's general abilities.

GK jump - the quality and the distance of goalkeeper's take-off.

Penalty save - ability for the penalty defense.

GK throw accuracy - accuracy of hand's throw.

GK throw power - power of hand's throw.

GK catch - ability to catch the ball.

GK coach - review of the situation.

Sliding tackle - the bigger value the better slides.

Intercept - ability to intercept the ball.

DF marking ability - ability to cover up players.

Ability to clear - accuracy of knocking the ball out to the front from the defense.

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