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Wolfenstein II is the second part in a trilogy; Mecha-Hitler is coming in the third game

NewsJune 22, 2017 - by luckie

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the second game in a trilogy, creative director Jens Matthies from Machine Games told Giant Bomb. He also hinted that in the third game we are going to see (and obviously fight) Mecha-Hitler, the iconic boss from the original Wolfenstein 3D. “Once you introduce Mecha-Hitler (…) you can’t go out from there” said Matthies, implying that before we get to take on the world’s most hated figure (in a mech suit!) you really have to build to it.

Skull & Bones will feature single-player narrative campaign

NewsJune 22, 2017 - by luckie

Ubisoft’s announcement of their new IP at E3 2017, a high-seas pirate game Skull & Bones, focused primarily on the online side of experience. However, the publisher confirmed to PC Gamer that the title will offer a proper story-driven single player campaign, featuring “iconic characters and memorable rival pirates”. Interestingly, the campaign will not be separate from multiplayer – although you will be able to play it alone, the narrative is said to be “integrated into the game”.

Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition to launch on consoles this August

NewsJune 22, 2017 - by luckie

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will soon get to experience Obsidian’s recent take on role-playing genre thanks to the release of Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition on August 29, 2017. The Complete Edition is going to offer both the original game and the two-part expansion called The White March as well as post-DLC updates. Of course, the XONE and PS4 conversions, which are being handled by Paradox Arctic, will feature re-modelled UI and controls redesigned specifically for their dedicated controllers.

This is exactly when Destiny 2 beta starts

NewsJune 21, 2017 - by luckie

Activision announced the start times for Destiny 2 open beta across all three platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The general access on consoles is scheduled for July 21, but those who pre-ordered the game can begin playing a couple of days earlier. The PC beta is coming later in August, but that date is yet to be confirmed. According to Bungie, Destiny 2 beta will feature the Homecoming mission, showed in the gameplay reveal trailer, as well as Inverted Spire Strike and some unspecified PvP content.

L.A. Noire remaster rumored to feature FPP mode and VR support

NewsJune 21, 2017 - by luckie

L.A. Noire is reportedly coming for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – although there is no word on the PC edition, this one is very likely too. The most recent leak also mentions that the re-edition could be getting first-person mode similar to the one omplemented in Grand Theft Auto V for current gen consoles and PC, as well as VR support for the PS4 version.

Meet Dodger, the hero of Visceral’s Star Wars action game

NewsJune 21, 2017 - by luckie has shared some interesting details on the story and new hero of the upcoming Star Wars action game in development by Visceral Games (Dead Space creators). Project Ragtag, as the game is referred to, is reportedly set after the events in A New Hope and right before The Empire Strikes Back. It is going to feature several characters, one of whom Han Solo fans will be especially fond of.

Get Even Game Guide Game Guide

Game GuideJune 21, 2017 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

This guide for Get Even contains all information that are necessary to complete the game and to find all secrets. Guide includes useful exploration, avoiding or engaging in fights tips. You'll find here also details for completing each stage and memories.

Darkest Dungeon Game Guide & Walkthrough Game Guide

Game GuideJune 21, 2017 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

This unofficial guide to the game Darkest Dungeon is perfect for those who are willing to discover the deepest secrets of the gloomy dungeons which spread under the ancient and hostile mansion.

Hitman's prologue available for free

NewsJune 20, 2017 - by luckie

To celebrate its becoming fully independent from Square Enix, Io-Interactive decided to make the first location in last year’s Hitman available for free across all platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Starting today, players will be able to download the game’s prologue set in ICA Facility location and play there as much as they want. This includes: two story missions with all cut-scenes, two Escalations Contracts, over 40 challenges and 17 achievements.

Pokemon Go to introduce Raid Battles and changes to Gym system

NewsJune 20, 2017 - by luckie

A big update is coming to Pokemon Go, introducing raid battles and new gym features. As for the latter, a new motivation system underlies these changes, which will recquire players to feed their Pokemon assigned to a Gym with Berries in order to keep them highly motivated. Another novelty in the upcoming update are Raid Battles, each one featuring a Raid Boss, who can only be defeated in cooperation with other trainers – up to 20 of them.

Spider-man won't handle 60 FPS in either 4K or 1080p

NewsJune 20, 2017 - by luckie

Insomniac Games said that the upcoming Spider-Man won’t run in native 4K and 60 FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro. Instead, the game will use a simple, although clever trick to almost match that, called temporal injection. What it does is upscale the number of pixels in a frame to 2160p resolution and fill the empty spaces with pixels from the previous frame. And it definitely looks better than checkerboard rendering, according to James Stevenson, community manager at Insomniac Games.

Players massively down-voting GTA V on Steam after Take-Two shuts down OpenIV mod tool

NewsJune 19, 2017 - by luckie

We didn’t have to wait long for a response from GTA fans angry with Take-Two’s decision to shut down OpenIV modding tool. Steam users have launched a crusade against Grand Theft Auto V and are massively down-voting the game on Valve’s platform. Right now the recent game user reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly negative with the overall score set at mixed. Rockstar explains that the reason for the takedown was to prevent use of malicious mods to harass players in GTA Online and promised that the team is working on another solution to support the modding community.

EA giving away Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

NewsJune 19, 2017 - by luckie

Thanks to Electronic Arts, PC players have a good opportunity to become racquainted with the classic WWII first-person shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. For a limited time you can add a copy of the game to your Origin account for free and keep it forever. Note, however, that this is just the original single player campaign, since the game’s online servers were shut down along with GameSpy.

Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court launches today

NewsJune 19, 2017 - by luckie

Later today, at 10 AM PDT, the first expansion for the award-winning grim dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios is going live on Steam. The Crimson Court introduces a new storyline, which can be played alongside your existing campaign. With it the DLC brings along a new hero class, dungeon region called The Courtyard, full faction of hideous enemies and bosses, new buildings for your Hamlet as well as a bunch of secrets to discover and items to loot.

E3 2017 Essentials #5 (June 15) – Observer, Agony, Kingdom Come: Deliverance

NewsJune 16, 2017 - by luckie

So that’s it, the last day of E3 2017 is finally behind us. Mingling with game devs and publishers resulted in lots of new gameplay videos and tasty details on many of the hottest games revealed or presented at the expo. During the fifth and final day of this year’s biggest celebration of video gaming industry we could see more materials from the games like Observer, Extinction, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Agony, Hunt: Showdown and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Fan-made Witcher movie Alzur’s Legacy seeking support on Indiegogo

NewsJune 16, 2017 - by luckie

The creators of Alzur’s Legacy, a fan-made Witcher movie with professional actors, are looking for community support via Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The financial goal is set at $15,000, and there are obviously some neat rewards for backers. Alzur’s Legacy will tell a story set after the original Witcher books, featuring Lambert, Dandelion and his son, Triss Merigold and Ciri. The motion picture is scheduled for release this December.

Season of Storms – how the newest Witcher novel ties in with the books and video games

EditorialJune 16, 2017 - by Draug

Season of Storms, the latest Witcher book by Andrzej Sapkowski, is scheduled to hit the bookstores in US and Great Britain no sooner than in May 2018. This novel provides insight into what exactly the White Wolf had been up to before he entered the city of Vizima to free the daughter of King Foltest from her curse. How does it relate to the rest of the saga and the games? If you want to know what’s in store for you without getting spoiled, check out our article.

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