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Total War: Arena Hands on - World of Tanks invades ancient Rome

EditorialDecember 19, 2014 - by Asmodeusz

In the recent years, Creative Assembly has been aiming for extending their range of games with titles out of their comfort zone consisting of the likes of Shogun, Medieval, Rome and Empire, especially targeting the mobile games market (Total War Battles: Shogun and the recently announced Total War Battles Kingdom).

The newest release from the studio tackles the f2p market, under the absolute rule of the games such as League of Legends and World of Tanks. Does Total War: Arena have what it takes to stand out and win over its’ own audience?

Dragon Age: Inquisition Game Guide

Game GuideDecember 16, 2014 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

Our guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition is a sheer mine of knowledge for this RPG game, developed by BioWare. This guide has been divided into three books which are sell separately. The first one entitled "How to Lead Inquisition in Dragon Age" is already available. Its basic assumption is to acquaint you with all the key elements of the game, thanks to which it is going to be easier for you, to start your adventure with Dragon Age: Inquisition. The guide encompasses useful information on the creation and development of your character, obtaining new allies and commanding the party, conducting combat conducting conversations, closing the rifts and managing the Inquisition. Apart from that, the guide offers answers to the most frequently asked questions, which will help you solve most common problems. The second book "Quests and Maps in Dragon Age Inquistition" (which is not available yet), constitutes a thorough walkthrough for all the quests available in the game. This, above all, means the quests that you perform within the framework of the game's storyline, although it also includes the walkthroughs for the quests connected with party members and minor tasks. The walkthrough takes into account all the possible choices and points out the consequences of those choices . Apart from that, the walkthrough has been enriched with maps of the locations in which you complete the quests. The final, third book is a vast world atlas entitled "Find Every Secret in Dragon Age Inquistition". It should be available to buy in January. The majority of the atlas has been devoted to high-resolution maps that have been marked appropriately. Successive maps have been marked for the most valuable loot, whereabouts of collectibles or vantage points. The rest of the world atlas comprises, among others, of the chapters on crafting (upgrades, schemes, alchemical ingredients, recipes and so forth), merchants, opponents that you encounter, trainers or the best of the items available in the game. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installment of the popular RPG series, which is a continuation of the events of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. In the game, you control an entirely different character, although you are going to meet the characters known from the previous installments, during your journey.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Guide

Game GuideDecember 12, 2014 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 walkthrough presents the carrier stages, driver's carrier paths and tips on how to employ a good driver. Also, the elements of game interface are described as well as market, orders, dealing with bank, available truck models, vehicle modifications and controls. Here you will find maps, including a map of all the truck dealers and job agencies. Check a description of all roads and possible on-road situations. Eventually, see also a description of all available cities.

Is Hatred Violence a Recipe for Success? "Mindless Violence in GTA is Skillfully Served"

EditorialNovember 26, 2014 - by Krystian Smoszna

The brutal shooter Hatred has caused quite a buzz on the internet, due to its’ first, quite violent, trailer and has started a debate regarding the reason of making games that glorify slaughtering innocents. For the team led by Jaroslaw Zielinski the media buzz seems to be quite a relief – in a single afternoon, the recently unknown studio made headlines around the videogame world.

Are the designers glad because of this turn of events, and how do they react to accusations regarding damaging the videogame industry? You will learn all of that from the interview we did just after seeing the controversial trailer.

The Order: 1886 Hands On - Cinematic experience on PS4

EditorialDecember 17, 2014 - by Krystian Smoszna

One of the hottest exclusive games for PS4 in 2015 is The Order 1886 - a tale set in Victorian era England, set to be released in mid-February.

For a long time we've been fed various clips from the game, and its high time to try out the final product. We got a glimpse of the game thanks to a 30 minute demo in which we could experience the one of the chapters of knight order’s saga, involving protecting humanity from ruthless monsters. There is no doubt that The Order 1886 won’t be a game like The Last of Us, it’s a way more closed experience.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Game Guide

Game GuideDecember 17, 2014 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is the next episode of the LEGO series. Once again, we impersonate characters from DC comic books. This game guide presents a complete walkthrough to all the quests in the game. Every admirer of the DC universe, as well as players who’ve just started getting to know it, should take interest in this game. In the first few chapters of the guide, you will find some general tips concerning game mechanics and information about solving puzzles, which you will encounter throughout the game. Later chapters contain a complete walkthrough, along with hints that will be useful when fighting bosses or solving difficult logic riddles. The “Bosses and strategies” chapter contains description of all the elite opponents and tactics that will allow you to handle them. There are also chapters devoted to collectibles, which you encounter very often in Beyond Gotham. Thanks to them, you will be able to complete the game in 100% and the hints in the guide will allow you to find all the secrets that you might’ve overlooked. In one of the last chapters, you will find a list of all the playable characters in the game, along with explanation of their skills and hints on when to use them. The last chapter is devoted to the technical aspects of the game.

Wasteland 2 Game Guide

Game GuideOctober 27, 2014 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

This guide for Wasteland 2 is a complete walkthrough for the main story mode, as well as of all the side quests. Apart from that, in here, you can find a listing of attributes, hints on character development and combat, as well as detailed descriptions of all the locations, provided with maps. The guide has been divided into two separate parts. In the first one, you can find descriptions for all of the important aspects of the game. It describes the game interface, hints on combat or the character creation process. From this guide, you will learn how to form a party that can withstand all the ordeals in its way, as well as which characters can join you. Each one of the party members has been described in detail, alongside statistics. You will also find useful the most important hints that facilitate and streamline the game. One of the chapters has also been devoted to combat which constitutes a key element of Wasteland 2. Thanks to the hints included in this guide, no fight will be difficult to you. You can find here a detailed description for each one of the quests, along with alternative solutions listed. The most important characters, items or opponents have been marked on the location maps. Each such map is an excellent source of knowledge about the enfeebled lands of Wasteland 2. The game is a post-apocalyptic cRPG and is a follow-up to the blockbuster of 1988. The game has been developed by the InXile studios, founded by Brian Fargo (the creator of the original Wasteland) and financially supported with donations from the users of the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

Far Cry 4 Game Guide

Game GuideDecember 16, 2014 - WWW version of this game guide is available.

The unofficial guide to the Far Cry 4 game is a comprehensive compendium of knowledge about the main aspects of the gameplay, in the next installment of the popular series of FPS games from Ubisoft. Inside, you will find the complete walkthrough of the single player campaign mode, as well as a list of several dozens of additional, optional tasks, with hints on how to complete them. A detailed list of locations, with numerous places marked on them, where you will find hundreds of collectible items scattered around the world, can be found inside as well. The majority of gameplay time will be used on liberating camps and fortresses of Pagan Min's army. The guide won't fail at this, and will describe each and every one of them, while hinting the best available approach, so that the player can easily and effectively clear them out of the enemies. As Far Cry 4 is a typical shooter, the guide thoroughly describes each weapon and equipment available to the player, together with the information on where to buy, or find, the desired piece of equipment. Additionally, the guide explains each and every ability of the main character, with their strong points and drawbacks, as well as their application. Far Cry 4 was created by the Ubisoft Montreal studio, who previously worked on the second installment of the series, which action was set in Africa. Additionally, each department of the French studio helped with the production of the game. The first installment of the game was produced by Crytek, in 2004, and a year later Ubisoft took the responsibility to create the sequels and console spin-offs of the series. Far Cry 4 is the first installment of the series to appear on the consoles of the new generation (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

The Crew Review - Test Drive Unlimited in USA

Game ReviewDecember 15, 2014 - by DM

The American atmosphere resides in every mile of The Crew’s enormous virtual United States we traverse. The game map’s greatness of scope and variety sometimes even manage to overshadow the driving, the cars and the tuning themselves. It’s obvious that the map was the apple of Ivory Tower’s eye – the developer previously known for Test Drive Unlimited.

The Crew, which was in development for nearly 6 years, was to be the soul successor of TDU, but greater, better and more interesting in every aspect. That ambition gave us some pretty good results.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Game Guide

Game GuideDecember 15, 2014 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMO games in the world. Currently over 10 millions of players are playing it. This guide will show you in ten simple steps the new add-on to this game. Warlords of Draenor adds some important changes to the game. It improves not only game mechanics and adds some new gameplay elements, but presents a new storyline with hundreds of quests as well. Some of those elements will be described in this guide. Due to the nature of this guide some things will be described only in general terms, although clearly enough for everyone to understand and use in the game. This guide should especially benefit the less advanced players whose adventure with World of Warcraft begins with this expansion or who returns to the game after a long absence.

Cartoon Games Comics
Twilight of Skyrim

ComicDecember 13, 2014 - Comic

Modern vampires suck.

This War of Mine Game Guide

Game GuideDecember 02, 2014 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

Guide to This War of Mine contains a comprehensive walkthrough for overall game mechanics. In this solution you will not only find elemental information about controls or system requirements, but practical tips and overall rules of surviving in the presented world as well. Mostly, there are information about how to survive in a brutal reality full of unexpected situations and violence. This War of Mine is a micro-game created by 11 bit studios set in a modern conflict zone. Player controls a group of unarmed civilians and is tasked with doing whatever is necessary to ensure their survival in dangerous world. Many times, he will be tasked with making hard choices and doing unimaginable things. Main storyline focus on living through cycles of day and night. At day player must secure his shelter and wisely distribute available supplies, while at night he moves to the city in search for items that can help him survive. Hunger, illness and bandits are only a few of threats that can stop him. It’s up to the player to survive through all the dangers of This War of Mine.

Veterans versus war games – how do real soldiers perceive virtual conflicts

EditorialDecember 04, 2014 - by Jakub Mirowski

No matter how much You adore the Fallout franchise, You must admit that the timeless one-liner: ‘War… war never changes’ is far from the truth. When comparing conflicts in video games, especially those in modern games, and those in games from the previous century, the differences are quite substantial.

Some aspects, however, remain untouched throughout the years – like the fact that war always gives our culture countless stories – both of heroism and human cruelty. Soldier characters have always found their place in literature or film. The same was with games – since the heyday of virtual entertainment, We’ve been literally flooded with titles that let us put on a uniform, grab a weapon and head for the front.

Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide

Game GuideOctober 31, 2014 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

The Farming Simulator 15 game guide contains all the information that you need in order to run a farm, as well as detailed characteristic of all the elements of the gameplay. Here, you will find tips on how to start your adventure with the game and successfully continue it. Animal husbandry and all the missions have been thoroughly described. You will also learn everything about the farms and their viability. In the solution, you can also find the description of maps and location of all the gold coins. Beginner players will find a lot of valuable information in the Basics chapter and everyone will learn something more about earning money and running the farm properly from the Other chapter.

Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Age: Inquisition

EditorialOctober 08, 2014 - by Draug

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third installment in a popular fantasy cRPG series from BioWare Studios, originated in 2009 with Dragon Age: Origins. The game is being created for PC’s and consoles of both past (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) and new generation (Xbox One, PlayStation 4). The game’s release is planned for November 18th 2014.

In this article we gathered the most important information about Dragon Age: Inquisition that has been disclosed so far.

Divinity: Original Sin Game Guide

Game GuideAugust 01, 2014 - WWW, PDF, ePUB, iBooks versions of this game guide are available.

This guide includes the walkthrough for both, the main and side quests available in Divinity: Original Sin, along with numerous illustrations that present the individual stages of the game. What can be found here are author's suggestion's concerning completion of the individual quests. Also, this guide includes hints on the general combat mechanics which concern the individual aspects of the gameplay. Apart from that, the guide lists abilities and talents available in the game, along with their descriptions, which will aid you in the process of selection of these. An important element of the guide is the description of the spell combination process, including the lists of the useful combinations discovered by the author himself. Divinity: Original Sin is a classical RPG game, developed by the Larian studio, presented in the top-down view. The exploration of the world, full of magic and monsters, is conducted in the real time however, after a fight starts, the game turns into turn-based, where you can analyze both your chances and the battlefield. The world that you are going to visit is full of objects that you can interact with. What spices this game up is the co-op mode, thanks to which you can invite a friend to take control of one of the characters. Such a character is an independent one and they can even travel the world on their own, without bothering about the other player. The game comes complete with the relationships with the other characters, through their conversations, which take place pretty often while exploring the world, and even with NPCs. Under the description of an individual quest, there is a table that includes the reward that you receive. Experience is the sum of any experience points awarded by the game at each instance of journal update.

New great mods for strategy games (November 2014)

EditorialNovember 28, 2014 - by Adrian Werner

We take a look at the latest and most impressive mods, that may help you rediscover some classic strategy games. Lead the Roman Empire in Europa Barbarorum 2 or conquer the realm known from the television show Game of Thrones in Westeros: Age of Petty Kings for Medieval II: Total War – Kingdoms.

If You’re a fan of science-fiction settings be sure to check out Orbital Wars for Supreme Commander, and many amazing mods for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm. World War II history buffs may also be interested in various Men of War mods and mission packs.

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