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Rise of the Ronin Guide

Rise of the Ronin Guide

Bakumatsu Rise of the Ronin guide is the best tips beginners, for character development, combat. We describe all mechanics, choices, collectibles, fast travel, glider and horse, cats. character creator, difficulty levels, bosses, trophies, game length, controls.

Last update: 08 April 2024

Our guide to Rise of the Ronin offers many useful tips that will make it easier for you to start playing this game and understand many of its key mechanics. The guide describes a number of basic issues, including: character creator, important choices, cooperation or difficulty levels. We answer a number of questions related to, among others, consequences of death, resetting skills, unlocking glider and horses, fast travel, open world, health regeneration or acquiring XP and coins. The guide includes descriptions of boss fights along with recommended combat tactics, as well as information about secrets and collectibles. The whole is complemented by a trophy guide and pages about, e.g. controls , game length and whether Rise of the Ronin is a soulslike.

Rise of the Ronin: Guide content

The first pages contain tips and tricks, including: best combat tactics, hero development and rules for exploring the game world. Other pages from the basics chapter describe, e.g. lowering the difficulty level, traveling with companions, cooperation and online mode, character creator and customizing the protagonist's appearance, or how to recognize important choices and their consequences.

The FAQ section answers important and frequently asked questions. In it, you can find information on topics such as how to reset skills, how to acquire a mount, what happens after the hero's death, how to unlock fast travel, how to get a glider, how to quickly accumulate XP and develop your hero, what to spend coins on, how to save progress, how the open world works, how to change the time of day, how to return from Edo to Yokohama, how to open locked doors, how to heal or how to acquire a ranged weapon.

In the guide, we included boss fights, which you can face in selected quests. We advise on how to prepare for fights, what unique attacks each boss has, and what tactics to use.

Our guide also describes the most important secrets and collectibles hidden on world maps. We explain where to look for important secret items and whether they have any practical use or bonuses for finding them.

Besides the main chapters, we have also prepared pages focusing on specific topics. The main one is a trophy guide with a description of how to get platinum trophy in Rise of the Ronin. In addition, you will find information, e.g.about controls, language versions or how long it takes to complete the game.

Rise of the Ronin: Interactive map

We have prepared an interactive map where we have shown the most important locations, missions, and secrets in Yokohama, Edo, and Kyoto regions. The map shows locations of, e.g. main and side quests, cats, photography spots, shrines, landmarks, treasure chests, merchants, fugitives, unruly areas, or Veiled Edge banners. The map will help you explore all areas in 100% and get the rewards associated with it.

Rise of the Ronin: Tips and tricks

  1. Practice Countersparks. They can prove to be very helpful in eliminating enemies faster, especially dangerous bosses.
  2. Don't let your hero's Ki bar deplete. Your character can then become an easy target for enemies. You can regenerate Ki faster with Blade Flashes.
  3. Watch out for your opponents' martial skills. These attacks are marked in red color. Stopping them with a counter is possible, but very risky.
  4. Change your combat style to suit each opponent. Blue and red arrows indicate the effectiveness of the current style.
  5. Use stealth and ranged attacks. This way, you can more easily surprise or eliminate enemies without risking an open fight.
  6. Restore your medicine supplies at the banners. Make sure that you have a large number of medications before each major mission.
  7. Use the karma points you acquire. Your character may lose the accumulated karma after death. You can get it back with the Vendetta mechanic.

More tips and hints can be found on a separate page: Tips and tricks.

Rise of the Ronin: Basics

  1. Difficulty levels - on the page, we explain when and how to lower the difficulty level, as well as what additional facilities are available to the player.
  2. Character creator - we have described all the most important functions of the creator. You will also find out whether you can change the hero's appearance after starting the game.
  3. Coop - you will learn how cooperation and interactions with other players work, as well as whether you can play the game offline.
  4. Romances - on this page you will find a list of all romance options, as well as tips on how to enter into a romantic relationship and what its requirements are.

Rise of the Ronin: Important choices and endings

  1. Important choices - we tell you how to recognize minor and major choices, as well as how they can influence the course of the plot. You will also learn about cooperating with 2 different factions.
  2. Kill or spare Gonzo? - we describe how to act after the fight with the bandit leader and what are the consequences of leaving Gonzo alive.
  3. Kill or spare Naosuke? - we described the important choice at the end of chapter 1 and how the plot will change by letting Naosuke live.
  4. Are there different endings? - we explain whether there are different endings for the shogunate and the fate of Japan storylines, as well as what the endings of the Blade Twins storyline are.

Rise of the Ronin: FAQ

  1. Is there an open world? - we explain how to travel around the game world, as well as what are the lands and cities to explore.
  2. What are the consequences of Cal's death? - we described the consequences of death, i.e. whether you can lose the latest progress and how to recover items you may lose after the hero's death.
  3. How to use fast travel? - we answer how to unlock fast travel, what limitations it has and whether it is free.
  4. How to unlock a mount? - we explain how to get your first horse in the game, as well as how to unlock better mounts and additional equipment for them.
  5. How to unlock a glider? - this useful piece of equipment will allow you to fly. We explain how to acquire a glider and whether it's possible to improve its performance.
  6. How to change the time of day? - we suggest how to speed up the passage of time and whether choosing a different time of day has practical use.
  7. Can you pet dogs and cats? - you will find out whether there are pets and whether interactions with dogs and cats lead to any rewards.
  8. How to open the gate to Yokohama? - this page has a solution to the problem with closed passages to the city, which you will encounter during your first visit to Yokohama.
  9. Where is the Storage? - the stash mechanic is associated with a full inventory. Here you will learn where to find it.
  10. How to unlock pickpocketing? - we explain how pickpocketing works and what the negative consequences of stealing may be.
  11. How to open locked doors? - we answer whether there are lockpicks in the game and explain how to deal with locked passages.
  12. How to photograph the rooms? - this is a problematic mission objective from A Pleasure District Portrait main quest.
  13. How to return to Yokohama? - this page explains how to get back from Edo to Yokohama in order to finish exploration of the first map.
  14. How to unlock free roam in Edo region? - we inform when the game lets you to freely explore Edo to look for activities, collectibles and quests.
  15. How to perform a Bond Transfer? - we have described transferring the items' traits at the blacksmith, which will be useful for you, e.g. to get the related trophy.
  16. How to complete a mission without killing? - this is helpful in obtaining one of the trophies. Read this page to learn how to stun opponents instead of killing them.
  17. How to use the camera? - we inform you how to obtain a camera, how to complete photography collectibles and whether the game has a photo mode.
  18. What are the titles for? - we explain how to set a different title for the hero and how it may affect their statistics.
  19. How to heal? - we tell you how to regenerate lost health, how to get more medicines and how to extend your health bar.
  20. How to reset skills? - on the page we described the so-called skill respec for redistributing skill points.
  21. How to get a firearm and a bow? - we explain when you can find or receive ranged weapons, as well as what are the available types of firearms in the game.
  22. How to save the game? - you will find out whether you can save manually, and whether the game can save the character's location and progress.
  23. How to earn XP? - we suggest what activities are rewarded with experience points and whether there are other ways to gain skill points.
  24. How to get money? - we have included tips on how to make money quickly and what is the best way to spend your coins.

Rise of the Ronin: Bosses

  1. Bladesmith - You must face her twice in the prologue, first in the Veiled Edge Village mission and then in The Setting Sun quest.
  2. Matthew Perry - This commodore is a boss that must be defeated in the Infiltrating the Black Ship quest during the prologue.
  3. Blue Demon (prologue) - Learn whether you can defeat this boss in the prologue and how to avoid the Blue Demon's strong attacks.
  4. Gonzo - Confronting this bandit leader is part of the Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises main mission. We also described an important choice after the fight.
  5. Blade Twin - The page describes the first confrontation with the Twin, which takes place in the consulate building in Yokohama during chapter 1.
  6. Jules Brunet (Foreign Swordsman) - This opponent will stand in your way during the Cultural Exchange main quest.
  7. Genzui Kusaka - This opponent can be found in the main hall of the temple and you will encounter him in the Take Back Kongakuji Temple main mission.
  8. Shinsaku Takasugi - You encounter this elite opponent during The Chinatown Kiheitai mission.
  9. Kimenzan the Crusher - This enormous opponent will attack you during the Infiltrate the Prison Complex mission.
  10. Blue Demon (Edo) - The page describes a full-fledged fight with the Blue Demon, which will take place during the Damsel in Distress quest.
  11. Naosuke Ii and Akikatsu Manabe - We described a difficult encounter with a pair of bosses that you must defeat during The Sakurada Gate Incident mission.

The chapter about key bosses is in progress.

Rise of the Ronin: All Trophies, Achievements

There are 51 trophies to unlock in Rise of the Ronin, including the platinum. You unlock trophies by making progress in the story, acquiring unique equipment, or fighting opponents. We have described all the trophies on a separate page: Trophies, Achievements.

Rise of the Ronin: Game length

Rise of the Ronin is a long and extensive production that may take several dozen hours to complete, or even more if you decide to complete the game in 100% and fully explore all the maps. We discussed this topic in more detail on the page: Game length.

Rise of the Ronin: Language versions

Rise of the Ronin has a lot of text - luckily, the game is available in a few languages. We have compiled all the supported languages on the page: Language versions.

Rise of the Ronin: Release date

Rise of the Ronin was released on March 22, 2024. The game is only be available on PS5. However, it is not excluded that in the future it may be ported to PC and other platforms.

About Rise of the Ronin Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Rise of the Ronin Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Team Ninja
  • publisher: Koei Tecmo
  • platform: PS5

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