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Among Us Guide

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Among Us: Impostor Guide & Tips Among Us guide, tips

Last update: 15 October 2020

On this page of the Among Us guide you will read about the most important tips for impostors and what they need to do to win the game.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Avoid killing other players on camera, as there is a good chance someone is viewing them, seeing the body or the act itself. When you see a red, flashing light on the camera, it means someone is currently looking through it. A good way to kill is to sabotage the door so that the player cannot leave the room, use a vent, jump into the room with the monitor, quickly kill the player and escape back to the vent.
  2. As Impostor, remember that you can report the bodies of other players, even if you killed them. When you do, describe your side of the story, what you did, where you found the body, if someone was with you, you can also frame another player for the murder if they were an eyewitness to the murder, but this is risky as another player may have an alibi.
  3. Don't use vents when you see another player in the same room. If a player notices you using a vent, you're dead, as only an Impostor can use them.
  4. Use sabotage to make gameplay difficult for other players. You can lock doors of rooms, disrupt communication, turn off lights and cut off access to oxygen. The players can fix a malfunction but have to spend several seconds (depending on the server settings) and it takes two people to do it. Impostor can also take part in fixing a "malfunction", but if players fail to fix the malfunction, The Impostors win.
  5. In the server settings, you can set from how far away the Impostor can kill other players. Most of the time, when playing impostor you don't have to be perfectly in front of another player, you can also kill the player from a considerable distance. If the player lights up in red, it means you can kill him from as far away as you are.
  6. You can pretend you're doing tasks. This is a good way to prepare an ambush. Remember, however, that there are a few tasks that can betray you, you can read about them on the Tasks page of the guide - which you can't pretend you do.
  7. If there is more than one impostor, and you are one, try to work with him. You're a team - if one of you gets removed, the chances of winning plummet. Try to defend your ally. Just don't do it when someone caught the other impostor red-handed. In that case, it's even better to vote for him so that suspicion doesn't fall on you in the next vote.
  8. As an Impostor, you have much bigger bonuses than Crewmates. Your field of view is much larger than other players. You can use Vents to move between locations faster.


Your goal as Impostor is to try to get all the Crewmates killed as quickly as possible. You have to kill other players, preferably when no one suspects you and you are alone with another player. However, winning doesn't require you to kill all Crewmates.

Impostors have the ability to sabotage key points on the map. If the players fail to fix the failure within the allotted time, the impostors win the game without having to kill all the players one at a time.

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