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Ancestors Legacy Game Guide by

Ancestors Legacy Game Guide

Table of Contents

We are the Resistance Ancestors Legacy Guide and Walkthrough

This chapter contains our walkthrough for Harold II Godwinson's third campaign mission in Ancestors Legacy called "We are the Resistance".

Last update: 30 May 2018

Difficulty level of this mission: 6/10

  1. Follow your ally and hide in bushes. You have to remain hidden - don't attack anyone.
  2. Fulfill your ally's every order. After some time your ally will bring a squad. Destroy barracks and capture the village.
  3. Develop your settlement and replenish your units. An imprisoned squad of archers can be found in the west - approach them to add this unit to your army.
  4. Follow the west edge of the map (avoid detection) and reach the blue circle on the map. Defeat enemies and rescue another allied unit - this time you get Slingers.
1 - We are the Resistance - Harold II Godwinson - Ancestors Legacy Game Guide
  1. Go back to the base (follow the edge of the map) and heal your units. Your new objective is to prepare an ambush for a caravan. Place a few traps near the road and then hide in the bushes.
  2. Attack the enemies when they get closer. Sadly - elite enemy units will quickly join the battle. You have to...
  3. ... wait and lose this battle. After that an allied squad will arrive to save you from defeat. You get a new base where you can recruit new units or buy a few upgrades for them.
2 - We are the Resistance - Harold II Godwinson - Ancestors Legacy Game Guide
  1. Attack the enemy camp when you are ready. This fight will be quite fierce - remember to focus on destroying Archery Towers and buildings that allow your enemy to recruit new units.
  2. The Vikings will make their last and desperate attack. Stop them - try to save as many units as possible from your attack to be able to defend. Win the battle to complete the mission.
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