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Ancestors Legacy Game Guide by

Ancestors Legacy Game Guide

Table of Contents

Starting tips | Basics | Ancestors Legacy Ancestors Legacy Guide and Walkthrough

This chapter from the guide dedicated to Ancestors Legacy contains starting tips that may help you with the gameplay.

Last update: 29 May 2018

1 - Starting tips | Basics | Ancestors Legacy - Basics - Ancestors Legacy Game Guide
  1. Each squad is valuable. In Ancestors Legacy you can only command up to 10 squads. Because of that each squad is very important - they are recruited with the maximum number of warriors (usually, 1 squad has 10 of them). Your warriors can get hurt in battle and die. Press the retreat icon when you notice that number of warriors in a squad is getting smaller or when you suffer great losses. You won't be able to control them for a moment - however, they can be soon send back to a village where they can replenish their ranks and heal wounds.
  2. Quality over quantity. Units gain experience through combat. Thanks to that you can increase their, e.g. offensive abilities. You can also spend iron on better equipment. The process of upgrading units takes a bit of time but the results are worth it. Experienced squads equipped with the best armor are incredibly strong. Losing them can be devastating for you - try to always retreat those who are wounded.
  3. Archers can deal damage to allies. Prepare for losses if you place archers in the back and order other units to attack. Archers deal damage to both enemies and allies. Placing them in the right place is important - preferably on a side of enemy units or you can use archers to make a "first salvo" which can weaken enemy units charging towards you.
2 - Starting tips | Basics | Ancestors Legacy - Basics - Ancestors Legacy Game Guide
  1. Have a plan when you attack your enemy. Don't order all of your units to attack an enemy frontally. It is better to flank or attack your opponent from behind. Also, you should always try to send squads to eliminate ranged units.
  2. Take care of your economy before you go into battle. Many of the missions have situations where you get a little bit of time to take care of your economy. Spend some time on technology and army development - usually, you can't focus on that during later parts of a missions due to constant battles.
  3. Traps are deadly. The game will quickly teach you how to place traps. They aren't pricey (wood is rather easy to collect). However, they are really deadly. Spike traps should be placed in narrow passages and near villages. They can only be detected by squads that use defensive formation.
3 - Starting tips | Basics | Ancestors Legacy - Basics - Ancestors Legacy Game Guide
  1. A settlement without defense is an easy target. Try to always build Archery Towers in settlements. Another useful thing is to raise alarm - thanks to this option your villagers will be able to defend themselves. Also, try to have at least one squad in a settlement to, e.g. attack ranged units that can burn down your buildings from a safe distance.
  2. Assigning squads. Press CTRL + 1, 2, 3 etc. to group up squads and switch between them in an instant. This solution is helpful because many of the units can counter each other. Thanks to that you can quickly switch between infantry, cavalry and, e.g. archers to react to a current situation on a battlefield.
  3. Heroes are great tanks. Use heroes to distract enemies. These special units are often very strong, resistant and they are easy to heal. What is more, they usually have special abilities that can further strengthen their allies.
4 - Starting tips | Basics | Ancestors Legacy - Basics - Ancestors Legacy Game Guide
  1. Don't recruit new units if you can't afford them. You need food to retain units - they can start rebelling and fight with low morale if you don't have enough food for them. This lowers all of their stats as well as their combat efficiency. It is better to have less but high-quality units than an army of starving and weak warriors.
  2. The campaigns are rather difficult and they can teach you numerous strategies. The majority of the missions are really challenging. They can also teach you how to deal with difficult situations. Complete them before you start playing online - you will learn how to play as every faction.
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