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Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Another day in paradise. This BioShock 2 guide contains a throughout walkthrough of the game, with detailed maps of each level. I’ve also put many icons onto them, increasing their informational value.

Last update: 24 May 2022

Our BioShock 2 guide is a complete survival guidebook that will help you not only complete the game successfully but also discover all its secrets. Our guide is divided into three large chapters. The first is a walkthrough and a guidebook. Our walkthrough has detailed descriptions of all 9 locations that you visit during the campaign. The main element of each description is a high-quality map of a given location where we have marked e.g. important areas, passages, or locations of vending machines. The walkthroughs also have information about exploration, fights, and puzzle solutions. In addition to the walkthrough, we have also included a page with all the available endings.

In the guidebook, you can find starting tips, that is, general tips and hints for the most important features and mechanics of the game. Other pages of the guide focus on topics like defeating opponents and conducting research on them, hacking devices (the hacking mini-game in BioShock 2 has different rules!), playing on the high difficulty level, using plasmids and tonics (a complete list), acquiring and upgrading weapons, or defeating Big Sisters, a new enemy type. We have also included a small FAQ chapter where you can e.g. find out how long it takes to complete BioShock 2 or which tonics and plasmids are most useful.

The second major chapter of our guide is the world atlas, which contains numerous maps with important places, characters, and objects marked on them. Our maps show locations of plasmids, places where you can collect ADAM with Little Sisters, locations of the weapon upgrade stations, and the places where you can find audio logs (they are the main type of collectibles/secrets).

The last major chapter is the trophy/achievement guide, where you can learn how to get 100% trophies/achievements and how to unlock the platinum trophy. In our trophy guide, you will find general information about trophies (e.g. how easy is the platinum trophy in BioShock 2), a complete list of achievements/trophies, and pages that detail various groups of achievements (e.g. single-player trophies, multiplayer trophies, hidden trophies, DLC trophies).

Terrag (

BioShock 2: A few starting tips

  1. Take advantage of the fact that you can freely save the game - This will protect you in case of sudden death or when you fail while collecting ADAM with a Little Sister.
  2. Try to prepare for fights with Big Sisters - They are the biggest threat in the game and appear e.g. after dealing with all the Little Sisters in the level. Heal the hero and think about placing traps in the area.
  3. Use the camera to record battles - You need this to conduct research in BioShock 2 and earn valuable rewards. As soon as you start recording, attack your enemies in a spectacular way and use different weapons and plasmids.
  4. You can't go back to previously visited locations - Explore each location carefully to make sure that you haven't missed anything important. The very legible map will help you with this.
  5. Practice the new hacking mini-game - it looks easy, but you can easily fail it if the pointer stops on the wrong field. Training is especially useful for breaking better security. Fortunately, the game has tonics that reduce the complexity of this mini-game.

More extensive versions of the above tips and other tips can be found on the Starting tips page.

BioShock 2: All stages - a complete walkthrough

One of the most important chapters of our guide is BioShock 2 walkthrough. Here is a list of all the levels found in the game:

  1. Adonis Luxury Resort walkthrough
  2. The Atlantic Express walkthrough
  3. Ryan Amusements walkthrough
  4. Pauper's Drop walkthrough
  5. Siren Alley walkthrough - this is one of the largest locations and we have divided its walkthrough into two pages
  6. Dionysus Park walkthrough
  7. Fontaine Futuristics walkthrough
  8. Persephone Outer walkthrough
  9. Inner Persephone walkthrough - this is the last level where you have to win the final battle; since this is a larger location, we have divided its walkthrough into two pages
  10. List of BioShock 2 endings - you will find information about all endings and choices during the game that will unlock them

BioShock 2: World atlas

In our world atlas, you will find high-quality maps with collectibles/secrets, important places or interactive stations marked on them.

  1. World atlas map - plasmids locations
  2. World atlas map - places with Little Sisters and ADAM extraction points
  3. World atlas map - locations of the weapon improvement stations
  4. Secrets map - all audio logs in Adonis Luxury Resort
  5. Secrets map - all audio logs in The Atlantic Express
  6. Secrets map - all audio logs in Ryan Amusements
  7. Secrets map - all audio logs in Pauper's Drop
  8. Secrets map - all audio logs in Siren Alley
  9. Secrets map - all audio logs in Dionysus Park
  10. Secrets map - all audio logs in Fontaine Futuristics
  11. Secrets map - all audio logs in Persephone Outer
  12. Secrets map - all audio logs in Inner Persephone

BioShock 2: Plasmids and tonics

Plasmids and tonics are objects known from the first BioShock. For recording, they can be compared to active abilities and passive skills. In both cases, you can make the character stronger and able to deal with various obstacles encountered during your playthrough. We have dedicated several pages to tonics and plasmids:

  1. List of all plasmids in BioShock 2
  2. Maps with locations of plasmids
  3. List of all tonics in BioShock 2
  4. Maps with locations of tonics
  5. Which plasmids and tonics are the best?

BioShock 2: Weapons and opponents

In BioShock 2, you can use both weapons known from the first part as well as completely new firearms. There is also a drill for melee combat that replaces the wrench key. The same applies to opponents - you will encounter familiar enemies and new opponents. Weapons and opponents have been described on separate pages of our guide:

  1. Weapons and Power to the People stations - You will learn about all the available weapons and their possible improvements.
  2. Enemy research and their descriptions - You will learn all types of opponents and find out what bonuses you get by using the camera to research them.
  3. Big Sisters and Daddies - You will learn how to defeat the strongest opponents in the game.

BioShock 2: Does it have a difficult platinum trophy?

Getting the platinum trophy in BioShock 2 isn't very difficult, although it requires a little bit of "skill" and playing the game in a specific way. In order to unlock the platinum trophy, you first need to complete the game on the high difficulty level - one of our pages has tips on how to beat the game on this difficulty.

You can also have a bit of trouble with e.g. unlocking trophies/achievements related to enemy researches. You need to record good videos and finish your research before you complete the game. Full information about the trophies/achievements in BioShock 2 can be found in the Trophy/achievement guide chapter.

BioShock 2: How to defeat a Big Sister?

Big Sisters are a completely new type of enemies in BioShock 2 - fights with them can be very unpleasant - Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Big Sisters are a completely new type of enemies in BioShock 2 - fights with them can be very unpleasant. Full information on how to defeat Big Sisters can be found on the Big Sisters and Daddies page. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Sisters don't show up randomly. The fights with them take place in predetermined moments and after dealing with all the Little Sisters in a given level.
  2. Prepare for a fight with a Sister by replenishing supplies and laying traps in the place where you want to face her.
  3. Use powerful weapons (e.g. shotguns, launchers) and plasmids (e.g. lightning or freeze). It is also important to be on the move at all times.
  4. Look for opportunities to aim at the tank on Big Sister's back. Successful hits in the tank can deal huge damage.

BioShock 2: Does it have a hacking mini-game?

Yes, but it has very different rules - Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Yes, but it has very different rules. This time, your task is to stop the pointer on the green or blue fields and avoid the red ones. Of course, the security level can vary, and you can also reduce the complexity of the mini-game by using certain tonics.

The new version of the hacking mini-game was discussed in great detail on the Hacking page. That page also has e.g. information about what can be hacked and the consequences.

BioShock 2: How long does it take to complete?

The entire campaign should take you about 11 hours. As with other BioShock games, you can extend this time significantly if you decide to explore all locations in 100% (find collectibles, supplies, or weapon upgrade stations) or play on high. Full information about the expected play time can be found on How long does it take to complete BioShock 2? in the FAQ section.

BioShock 2: Does it have choices and different endings?

Yes, there are a few moments in the game where you have to make a choice - your actions will determine the ending - Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Yes, there are a few moments in the game where you have to make a choice - your actions will determine the ending. The choices here aren't limited to whether you want to kill or save Little Sisters. You will also have a few important encounters with NPCs. We recommend that you look at the Possible endings page, where we list what decisions will lead to unlocking one of the four main endings.

BioShock 2: Why can't I save my progress on PS4?

1 - Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough


This is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem found in the PlayStation 4 version - you must delete previous manual saves to get below the allowed saves size limit.

An additional complication is a fact that BioShock 1 and BioShock 2 share space for saves. You may be forced to run the other game to delete its saves. This topic was discussed in great detail on Why can't I save the game on PS4? page.

BioShock 2: Can I only install the game on PS4?

No, BioShock 1 and BioShock 2 are installed together - Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

No, BioShock 1 and BioShock 2 are installed together. Only BioShock Infinite has a completely separate installation. After starting the compilation, you will see the menu from which you can choose whether you want to play the first or the second part.

BioShock 2: Does the it remaster have all the original content?

No, unfortunately, the multiplayer mode was removed from the game. This means that you can't play with others. It's worth noting that multiplayer is still present in the initial release of BioShock 2 for PC, PS3, and X360.

As a consolation, it is worth noting that the compilation includes all single-player expansions for Bioshock 2. This means that besides completing the main campaign, you can play Protector Trials and complete Minerva's Den, a sizable story expansion.

BioShock 2: Do I need PS+ subscription to play?

No, you don't need PlayStation Plus subscription because BioShock 2 remaster doesn't have the multiplayer mode found in the original release. All game content can be completed in single-player mode.

BioShock 2: Can I re-visit locations?

No, the game, unfortunately, doesn't allow this. Once you move to the next main location (there are only nine levels in the game), access to the previous areas will be blocked forever. Explore all locations carefully to make sure that you don't miss any place or collectible.

BioShock 2: Are there any collectibles in the game?

Yes, audio logs return as the main collectibles. The game (the main campaign + Minerva's Den story expansion) has 129 audio logs. However, it is worth noting that the trophy/achievement related to them requires you to find "only" 100 audio logs.

During the playthrough, you can also e.g. find new plasmids and weapon upgrade stations. The locations of all collectibles/secrets are included in our walkthrough and the world atlas.

BioShock 2: Does it have a Photo Mode?

No, but it is possible to record opponents using the camera. You need these recordings to research the enemies. As you progress in this area, the hero receives various research bonuses.

If you are playing the PS4 version, you can use the Share button to take photos, although each image will, unfortunately, show the UI (user interface).

BioShock 2: Do I need to know the first game?

BioShock 2 presents a new story, but knowing the events of BioShock 1 will help a lot. This will not only allow you to recognize locations, opponents, characters, or events but also, for example, help understand who the main character is and who the other Daddies and Sisters are. If you own BioShock: The Collection, we strongly recommend that you finish BioShock 1 first and then start playing BioShock 2.

BioShock 2: Is it more difficult than the first game?

Yes, but only slightly. This game has more fights with groups of opponents or with strong single enemies - Alpha Series, Daddies or Big Sisters. The overall style of gameplay is very close to the first game which helps a lot. The second game also features many similar weapons and plasmids.

BioShock 2: Where are the game options?

After running BioShock 2 remaster, you may notice that there is no options menu in the main menu of the game - Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

After running BioShock 2 remaster, you may notice that there is no options menu in the main menu of the game. Fortunately, this isn't a mistake. Start a new game. The options menu appears in the pause window and will allow you to e.g. check the controls settings, disable the Vita-chambers, or modify the user interface.

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