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Dave the Diver Guide

Dave the Diver Guide

A diver by day and a cook by night Dave the Diver guide is the best tips for bginners, for diving, fishing, running a restaurant. We describe all the mechanics, interface, smartphone operation, oxygen supplies, lift limit, equipment upgrades, controls, system requirements.

Last update: 07 July 2023

This guide to Dave the Diver offers help in traversing the depths of the Giant Blue Hole, which hide many secrets and dangers. From our guide, you will find out how to keep the titular Dave alive, what are the most important activities related to diving and running a restaurant, how to solve the most frequently occurring problems, as well as how to reach unique treasures hidden in the depths of the sea.

Dave the Diver: Guide content

On one of the first pages of our guide to Dave the Diver, you will find a set of starting tips, which will help you learn how to avoid making the most common mistakes, how to deal with underwater threats, and also how to develop skills and improve the hero's gear. On a separate page, we also discussed numerous mini-games, which can cause some problems.

The FAQ chapter takes up the most space in the guide, which we have divided into 4 smaller thematic sections - they are about fishing, sushi bar, completing quests and campaign, as well as fighting predators. On the following pages we explain, among others, how to fish at night, how to increase the oxygen tank, how to stun fish, how to get cat food, how to hire staff, how to save the game, how to increase capacity limit, how to unlock Cobra Shop, how to complete the Best Taste challenge, how to get to Limestone Cave, where to find the yellow wreck, how to defeat Giant Squid, how to get a firearm or how to deal with Mantis Shrimp.

In addition to the bigger chapters, you will also find appendix pages for PC system requirements, controls, as well as the availability of multiplayer and coop.

Dave the Diver: Tips and Tricks

  1. Monitor the oxygen supply indicator. The game warns in advance about a low oxygen level, giving you time to avoid drowning.
  2. Do not try to dive as deep as possible. The hero's equipment will not be enough, but there is also a risk that you won't make it back to the surface in time.
  3. Take only the more valuable loot. Caught fish and underwater treasures can weigh a lot and easily overload the hero, slowing down your movement.
  4. Check the to-do list regularly. It has hints, such as what the the fish species you are looking for looks like and at what depth you can find it.
  5. Improve the dishes in the restaurant. This will allow you to increase customer satisfaction and set higher prices.

You will find more detailed tips and hints on the page: Tips and tricks.

Dave the Diver: FAQ


  1. How to fish at night? - Initially, you can only fish in the morning and afternoon hours. We explain how to dive and fish in the evening hours.
  2. How to unlock Cobra Shop? - While playing the game, you can unlock Cobra Shop on the boat. You will find out when this happens and what can be bought or sold.
  3. How to increase base oxygen? - On this page, we explained how to permanently increase oxygen supplies and how to replenish them while diving.
  4. How to increase the carrying capacity? - Find out how to permanently increase the loot container to return from the depths of Blue Hole with more loot.
  5. How to use Tranquilizer and Net Gun? - Live fish are very useful, and we explain how to use sedatives and catch them in a net.
  6. How to catch a Coral Trout? - It's one of the trout variants found in the game. We suggest where to look for Coral Trout and how to prepare for fishing.
  7. How to use the Escape Pod? - The Escape Pod capsule allows a quick return to the surface. We indicate where to look for the Escape Pod underwater.
  8. How to catch a White Spotted Jellyfish? - Catching a jellyfish in the Limestone Cave may be required to complete a quest or a dish, and we give you tips on how to do it.
  9. How to get Giant Trevally Fin? - We have posted tips on where to find this gray fish, as well as what are the best techniques for catching it.

Sushi Bar

  1. How to prepare Shark Head? - Obtaining Whole Roasted Shark Head is a requirement for one of the dishes and you will find out how to catch a shark.
  2. How to complete the Best Taste challenge? - Advancing to the Gold rank requires gaining 125 Best Taste points and we explain how to do this.
  3. How to hire staff? - The staff can assist you in serving the restaurant's customers, and you will learn how to search for and hire employees.
  4. What to do with Cat Food? - With cat food, you can feed the cat Momo and we suggest how to become friends with the animal.
  5. How to change the appearance of the bar and the boat? - In the game, you will find an option to change appearance, and we explain where to look for those related to the restaurant and the Cobra boat.
  6. What does the light bulb icon above the staff member's portrait mean? - A light bulb icon above an employee does not have an obvious meaning. We explain what this icon means.
  7. How to issue the Dispatch command to the staff? - The game allows you to prepare orders for employees. You will learn how to use Dispatch and what you can gain.

Quests and campaign

  1. How to save the game? - We explained when the game creates an automatic save, as well as how to unlock manual saves and whether various slots are available.
  2. How to complete the Where the Currents Flow? - This is one of the quests where you have to deal with ocean currents. We suggest how to avoid them and where to find 3 quest items.
  3. Are there scary scenes? - This page of the guide answers the question of whether there is disturbing or inappropriate content that could discourage some players.
  4. Where to find Limestone Cave? - Finding this underwater cave requires completing several tasks. We explain where to look for Limestone Cave.
  5. How to help dolphins? - Several side quests are associated with dolphins. We advise on how to free dolphins and how to avoid pirate attacks.
  6. Where is the yellow Delivery Shipwreck? - Finding the yellow shipwreck is part of the main plot and we give tips on how to prepare for its search.
  7. How to get the Stone Tablet? - Stone Tablet is a quest item from the location Sea People Record Chamber and we will guide you on how to get there.
  8. Where to find Amethyst? - Finding an amethyst deposit requires obtaining a Pickaxe. We described both of these topics.
  9. How to catch Runaway Horses? - You will learn where the 4 seahorses are in the Sea People village and how to catch them during the Reticent Girl quest.


  1. What are the consequences of death? - On this page, you will find out what happens when you drown or get eaten, as well as whether you can continue the game.
  2. How to beat the Giant Squid boss? - The Great Squid is the first boss of the game encountered in The Leahs-chan Rescue quest. We present a strategy for the monster.
  3. How to defeat John Watson? - The page contains a description of the first confrontation with the hostile scuba diver. You will learn how to win a fight with John Watson in chapter 2.
  4. How to improve the Harpoon Gun? - The harpoon is a basic weapon for fishing and fending off predators. We explain how to increase the effectiveness and damage of the harpoon.
  5. How to get a firearm? - The game features a variety of firearms. You will learn how to get your first weapon and how to craft weapons thanks to blueprints.
  6. How to kill Mantis Shrimp boss? - The large shrimp is a difficult boss from the Stormy Night 2 quest. You will find out what the weak point of the Mantis Shrimp is and how to avoid the boss's attacks.
  7. How to kill the Great White Shark Klaus? - The huge shark is a demanding boss found in the Revenge Time quest. We described the boss's main attacks and the best strategy for defeating Klaus.

Dave the Diver: Minigames

  1. Mini-games - This is a page describing all the most important variants of mini-games. We explain how to properly pass them and whether you can skip mini-games.

Dave the Diver: PC system requirements

Below are the minimum requirements for Dave the Diver:

  1. Processor: Intel Core i3 Dual Core
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD 5570
  4. Operating system: Windows 7 / 10 / 11
  5. Disk space: 10 GB
  6. DirectX: 11

More information on this topic can be found on a separate guide page: System requirements.

Dave the Diver: Game length

Dave the Driver is a game that, like many roguelikes, can last for many hours. It can take you over 20 hours and during that time offer new mechanics or new tasks to perform.

Exploring the ocean depths in 100% and unlocking the best equipment can further extend the play time.

Dave the Diver: Language versions

Dave the Diver is available in 9 languages.

More information about the available languages can be found on a separate page: Language versions.

Dave the Diver: Release date

The full version of Dave the Diver was released on June 28, 2023. The game had previously been available in early access.

Currently, the game is available exclusively on PC. However, the developers may release a console version in the future.

About Dave the Diver Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Dave the Diver Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Mintrocket
  • publisher: Mintrocket
  • platform: PC, Switch

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