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Deep Rock Galactic Guide by

Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Table of Contents

Deep Rock Galactic: Mutators Deep Rock Galactic guide, tips

This page of the Deep Rock Galactic explains what the mutations are, what types of them are available, and how they affect the gameplay.

Last update: 13 January 2022

This chapter of the Deep Rock Galactic guide contains information about mutators, their types and their effect on the gameplay.

Missions in Deep Rock Galactic may have additional mutators, which are divided into anomalies and warnings. Anomalies have positive effects, such as doubling the number of experience points, or more minerals in the biome. The warnings are much more dangerous, increasing the mission's difficulty level by adding additional flying opponents or disabling dwarven shields.

Anomalies and warnings can be recognized by additional icons appearing next to mission names at the mission selection screen - Deep Rock Galactic: Mutators - Basics - Deep Rock Galactic Guide

Anomalies and warnings can be recognized by additional icons appearing next to mission names at the mission selection screen. Anomalies are marked in yellow, while warnings are marked in red. As you can see in the image above, one mission can have both one anomaly and one warning.


Anomalies are most desired by players during missions, especially those that increase the number of experience points and offer richer mineral deposits in the biome. The following table lists all anomalies found in Deep Rock Galactic.

Anomaly name


Critical Weakness

Shooting at enemy weak points will cause five times more damage than normal. This anomaly is especially useful when fighting Praetorians or Dreadnoughts.

Double XP

After successfully completing a mission, the player receives twice as many experience points. With this anomaly, you can gain huge amounts of experience points, enabling you to develop your character further. If you manage to get a mission with such an anomaly, try to collect as many raw materials as possible, so that after completing the task you will earn a substantial sum of experience points.

Gold Rush

There are a lot of gold veins in the caves and they hold much more of this precious material than normally. It is worth remembering that the amount of gold collected affects the number of experience points the player will gain after completing the mission.

Golden Bugs

Each killed alien drops one nugget of gold.

Low Gravity

Due to much less gravity, miners can jump much higher and can fall safely from a higher altitude.

Mineral Mania

Biome-specific materials occur much more frequently than normal. With this anomaly, you can quickly collect the resources needed to upgrade your equipment.

Rich Atmosphere

The movement speed of miners and Aliens is increased by 25%. Dwarves can also run with heavier resources such as Jadiz or Compressed Gold. Interestingly enough, this anomaly changes the dwarves' voice tone, which is much higher than normal and immensely funny, but this doesn't affect the gameplay in any way.

Volatile Guts

Each alien killed explodes causing damage around a specific area. This anomaly is as useful as it is dangerous, so when fighting a swarm of opponents one should be extremely careful not to die from an explosion. It is also worth noting that larger enemies cause larger explosions.


Warnings are far more dangerous than anomalies, but they reward the player with additional experience points ranging from 15% to even 30%. The following table provides a list of all of the warnings featured in Deep Rock Galactic.

Name of warning


Bonus XP

Cave Leech Cluster

Cave Leechers appear much more frequently and may occur in pairs. When exploring an underground complex with this type of warning, you need to look carefully at the ceiling and eliminate any potential danger before your character is caught.



All large and medium-sized enemies are infected with parasites that release themselves after the host dies and attack the nearest target. The parasites do not cause major damage, but are extremely troublesome when fighting with a swarm of aliens. It is worth noting here the fact that larger enemies such as the Praetorians will release more parasites. The smallest aliens, like Swarmers, are not infected. When completing a mission with the Parasites warning, choose Thorns as one of your perks with you so that the parasites will die when the player character is attacked.


Regenerative Bugs

All enemies have the ability to regenerate. This means that if they do not receive injuries for a few seconds they will be able to restore their own health to the maximum. During combat, damage over time weapons such as the Driller's Flamethrower or the Engineer's self-propelled LMG Gun Platform are useful. It is also worth knowing that a tamed alien (Beast Master perk) will also have the ability to regenerate so he can fight alongside the dwarf much longer.


Low Oxygen

The caves generated for the mission with this warning have contaminated air and the dwarves must use an additional source of oxygen to complete the mission. The oxygen supply quickly runs out, and then the character begins to receive injuries that could lead to the dwarf's death. The oxygen supply can be replenished at the M. U. L. E. robot, at a mining platform, or at an evacuation vehicle.


Mactera Plague

In missions with this warning, flying Macter enemies make up a significant portion of all adversaries. Driller's Cryo Canon, Engineer's Breach Cutter, Gunner's Minigun or Scout's M1000 Classic sniper rifle will be useful in fighting this type of enemy. It is also worth knowing that the Driller can dig out a narrow tunnel in the cave wall that the Macters cannot enter and can be easily eliminated from there.


Lethal Enemies

All enemies cause twice as much physical damage, so it's worth keeping your distance and trying to eliminate your opponents at a distance.


Shield Disruption

In missions with this warning, dwarves ' protective shields are completely disabled. As compensation, each player starts the mission with more health points, and Red Sugar appears more often than normal.


Exploder Infestation

In missions with this warning, exploding aliens like Glyphid Exploders assault the player's position more often. The attack of these opponents takes place every now and then regardless of whether a swarm is nearby. It is also worth noting that with this warning, the most powerful opponents (Detonators) may appear during the mission.


Haunted Cave

In missions with this warning, the entire team is haunted by the spirit of a Detonator, which has been dubbed the Unknown Horror. This opponent cannot be injured or killed, but is prone to slowing effects. Although the spirit of the detonator inflicts reduced damage, at higher difficulty levels it can eliminate the entire team with one or two attacks. It is also important to bear in mind that beyond the spirit of the detonator, players will still have to fight alien swarms and complete the mission's main objective. In the course of doing such a task, keep moving, and collect resources quickly.


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