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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - GTA: Police Stories v.IV - Game mod - Download

The file GTA: Police Stories v.IV is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateWednesday, December 5, 2018

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GTA: Police Stories is a mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, created by Mr.Toxin.


GTA: Police Stories is one of the biggest total conversions for GTA Vice City ever made.

While it completely changes the storyline of GTA VC, it also adds tons of new stuff to the game, such as new side-missions, unlimited time of Vigilante missions, whole city opened from beggining, completely changing rampages... You control officer Paul Redstein, a junior officer who fights crime and Mafia in Vice City. For the first time in the III series, you play as cop.

NOTE: This TC was first intended to be for GTA III, but it will be for Vice City, including a storyline based on 1990. year!


The year is 1990. Tommy Vercetti has taken over Vice City. Cubans have gained influence in the city with Vercetti's help. Haitians have suffered much losses, but they're still making deals and trying to take over Vice City and Sharks are still working with them. PIGs and Army have lowered their patrols in the city. Cholos and Rednecks have returned to Vice City, formed their new territory. Bolivian Cartel and Aryan Brotherhood have formed their gangs in the city. Toni Cipriani has escaped to Vice City after killing a made man. A young officer, Paul Redstein, has returned from a six month patrol around the city and he meets his partner, Rico Rodriguez, who welcomes him and helps him break the deal between Sharks and Haitians.

# Agent Mark will come later into storyline.

# More storyline will come from time to time.


NEW LOADING SCREENS (by SuburbianNightmare and Kowaah)

Since this is a police mod, there are completely new loading screens in VC style that replace original ones.

There is a new VC Logo and mouse color.

NEW AND IMPROVED TEXT (by Orto_Dogge and drakic)

Some cars are renamed (Voodoo to 'Haitian Voodoo', Police to 'VCPD Cruiser'...).

There are police ratings (Agent, Officer...).

Old media ratings are replaced with new ones.

New menu buttons, messages and fixed grammar errors.

There will be new text for missions.

NEW CARS (by ALMOST610 and frank.s)

There are two new extra cars - Grand Hermes (Cabbie without any signs) and Premier (Plain Taxi and Police vehicle).

Police vehicles are in more shades of blue and black color.

Taxis come in different colors (different shades of yellow and orange, white)

Cabbies come in different shades of yellow.

Some cars will be replaced with ones from the '90s.

NEW SKINS (by frank.s)

Player is skinned, and there are black police uniforms (like in the '90s).

CHANGED MAP (by frank.s and drakic)

There are many changes around Vice City, like Trailer Park in empty space near Sunshine Autos, Avery's construction site is removed, and buidings that were under construction are now built.

Haitian Factory in Little Haiti is destroyed from the beginning.

Colonel's Yacht has sailed from Vice City.

Instead of empty space near Hardware Shop, there is a new building.

Tarbrush Cafe in North Point Mall is destroyed from the beginning.


NO VIOLENCE (by drakic)

Blood is removed, and innocent civilians are indead. You can only kill criminals, gang members and psychos.

NO LIMITS (by frank.s and drakic)

Whole city is opened from the beginning and Ammu-Nation has all weapons in stock.

POLICE RADIO STATION (by SuburbianNightmare)

There is a new NFS MW Police Radio Station, which consists of three files and is put in MP3 folder.

NEW TYMECYC (by Kowaah)

This is a new timecyc which is more realistic, like in Miami, and is more bright.

NEW GANGS (by Orto_Dogge, frank.s and drakic)

Most of the gangs around Vice City are changed. Here is the list of changes:

Army -> Cholos (from VCS, drive Cholo Sabre, live in the Docks)

PIGs -> Trailer Park Mafia (Rednecks from VCS, drive Bobcat, live near Sunshine Autos)

Diaz Cartel -> Bolivian Cartel (new gang, never seen before, drives Mesa Grande, lives near North Point Mall)

Golfers -> Aryan Brotherhood (new gang in the series, drives Army Van, lives near Junkyards)

Vercetti Gang -> unused Vercetti Gang (wears Soiree style outfit, drives Oceanic)

BETTER TEXTURES (by Kowaah, DJ_Sik92, yojo2, OmeXr, frank.s and TonyM)

Most of Vice City textures will be changed to look in HQ. Here's the list:

-HQ Palm trees

-HD Roads

-HD Grass

-HD Sand

-HD Money

-HQ Water

-HQ XBox Cars (with HQ Wheels)

-All clothes are skinned to fit with Paul.

-HQ Radar (with HQ icons)

-ENB Series


NEW STORY MISSIONS (by frank.s, idea writers and drakic)

Here is the complete list of missions:

1) Officer Rico Rodriguez

2) Lieutenant Barbara Bonnet


NEW SIDE MISSIONS (by Barton Waterduck, frank.s, Vayan and drakic)

Here are the side missions which will be available:

1) Delivery (when in Boxville)

2) Vice City Hero (many randomized police side-missions)

3) Trash-Dash (from VCSW)

4) Caddy-Daddy (from VCS)

5) Car Salesman (from LCS)

6) Hand of Justice (from P.S. v1.2)


MORE PICKUPS AND PARKED CARS (by drakic and frank.s)

120 Hidden Statues are located in Vice City.

There are more parked cars around Vice City.

Instead of Health Pills, there are Medical Kits, and they'll be located at more usefull places in Vice City.


POLICE SYSTEM (by drakic)

You won't have a wanted level.

Police Bribes are removed, since there is no need for them.

You are able to arrest suspects with a press of a button.

Paul is able to call for a police backup.

Paul can call for Heli Support.

S.W.A.T. support is driving around Vice City.

There is ability to call for roadblocks when chasing suspects.

You will receive small payments for chasing suspects in Police Precincts in VC.

You can call a taxi and it will take you to various locations around Vice City.

There is no time limit on Vigilante missions.

Parked Police Cars aren't locked.


UPGRADED ENGINE (by Vayan, frank.s and Barton Waterduck)

There is a car health-meter and speedometer.

There is a Real-Time clock.

There are San Andreas Player animations for running, jumping, walking, shooting...

Paul has the ability to swim.

You can view the 1st Person Camera when in car.

You can save your game anytime and anywhere through the main menu.

You can access the Main Menu from the Pause Menu.


CAR SHOWROOM (by Ghost Bear, converted by drakic)

You can buy various cars in Sunshine Autos, and price depends on type of the vehicle.


Criminals, Psychos and Gang Members are much harder to kill. When engaging in combat with them, they're much harder to defeat, and you'll have to use Health Pills more often.

Cops will help you when you're attacked by a criminal.

NEW WEAPONS (by drakic)

Nearly all of the VC's weapons are replaced. Here's the list:

Kruger - AK47

Wooden Bat - Aluminium Bat

Colt Python - Desert Eagle

Pump-action Shotgun - New Pump-Action Shotgun

Brassknuckles Stungun

Mod offers an installer.

  • Last update: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 1236.7 MB
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