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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel - The Sum + Nous Aurons v.1.7a - Game mod - Download

The file The Sum + Nous Aurons v.1.7a is a modification for Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size3958.8 MB


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last updateTuesday, October 18, 2022

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The Sum is a mod for Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, created by Hugo Nadeau.


This total transformation mod aims to bring to life an anarchist utopia after apocalyptic times. It takes place in eastern part of former Canada and United-States. The game will be a bilingual (french & english) single player non-linear RPG. It can be called a positive post-apocalyptic game or a radical camping simulator.

The world has been challenged by the Sum of all heavily anticipated catastrophies (environmental, human and tecnological). The humans survived them and organised themselves according to a mix of anarchistic, aboriginal, technological and nomadic ways of living, embrasing anarchy ideas and goals (anti-domination, direct democracy, freedom and autonomy), creating federated communities. In game, "The Sum" refer simultaneously to the sums of all catastrophies, the name of a new currency and mispellings of the words "son" and "sun". The Sum (Nous Aurons) is an art project created by the french canadian artist Hugo Nadeau (


  1. Non-linear RPG gameplay (focusses primarily on exploration).
  2. Totally new interface (called GPSP) with a new mascot : the Smiley.
  3. Endless different endings, false endings, and ways to finish the game anywhere...
  4. New skills : Fishing, Hunting, Negociation, Survival and Travel.
  5. Much fewer characters and animals (this could be a challenge to find them).
  6. Lesser use of weapons in general, particularly GUNS. (Some more melee and thrown weapons).
  7. New ambiant sounds and music soundtrack (2 creators on it!).
  8. Campfire, cooler, cart and solar oven that can be moved around plus plenty of money and books to burn!
  9. Hunger, cooked meat/veggies, boiled water.
  10. Portable electricity monitored for a variety of uses.
  11. Portable flashlight, torch and headlamp.
  12. Random objects and resources.
  13. A way to gather water, brew coffee, tea and kombucha.
  14. Environment dangers (forestfires, air / water / soil pollution, radiation and floods).
  15. Danger warnings (special perk or skill based warnings)
  16. Global AI system (enemies stop attacking to exile you, animals attack if you have raw meat).
  17. Thieves that are not satisfied until you give away ALL YOUR STUFF.
  18. Guards that ask you to hide or throw away all your weapons (except secret ones).
  19. Robot recruits that can be replaced if destroyed.
  20. - Ingame "Achievement" system.
  21. XP gained automatically over time. Bonus XP if you travel with other people (recruits).
  • Last update: Tuesday, October 18, 2022
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 3958.8 MB
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