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The file Non-official patch V.1.55 is a modification for Rome: Total War, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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Non-official patch 1.55 is a mod for Rome: Total War, created by BagaturKhan.


This is small mod-patch for old good RTW game 1.5 with a lot of fixes and changes. Its mod, not official patch, remember it please.


- Economics system was completely reworked. Now its like from Extra Resourses Mod.

- Gameplay started to be in aggressive style. AI creating big armies and concentrating on map capture.

- Almost all factions are playable in Main Campaign. Rome is not overpowered now.

- SPQR faction is now not very easy to destroying. Senate have 3 full armies of elite legioners in the start.

- Non-playable factions have strong AI, economics and armies. They are now strong enemies.

- Numidia is not playable and was deleted from campaign. Carthage is now ruler of almost all Africa.

- Many cities are now improved and very powerful. Its about Rebels cities. Now its not easy target.

- Amazon chariots are now in all Greek Rebels armies, so you will connect with them more often.

- Rebels are now extremely powerful. They are not small targets now, they are strong independent realms.

- Gauls are now not only Gauls, but Celts from Europe and have territories in Ireland too. Also they have strong fleet.

- Egyptians are now looks more ellinistic. Many new models were added to them. All models are from vanilla game.

- Pharaoh Guardsmen are now have older models with long helmets. I made it because old models were more good.

- Greek militia hoplites now have more better models. Now they looks truly ellinistic.

- New colours for many factions in game campaign.

- Many other fixes and changes, which were made in all game.

To install:

Install this mod-patch to original RTW folder and overwrite files. Then start Rometw.exe and play.

Report problems with download to

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