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News video games 25 March 2021, 20:24

Sega Announces Total War: Rome Remastered

Today, Sega announced Total War: Rome Remastered - a refreshed version of the iconic strategy game from 2004. We will set off to conquer ancient Rome once again in a month - on April 29th.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Total War series, Sega decided to refresh the game that spelled the success of the entire franchise. Rome: Total War released in 2004, the third installment in the series, enabled Creative Assembly to make a name for itself and continue developing new strategy games. The publisher decided that it was a good moment to remind of the game to the veterans of the genre and to show the roots of the series to the young players. This is how the cooperation with Feral Interactive came about, resulting in Total War: Rome Remastered. A fresh story trailer is available below.

The game will be released along with the remastered Barbarian Invasion and Alexander expansion packs and will offer gameplay adapted to modern standards, yet retaining the spirit and style of the original. There will be high resolutions - up to 4K - as well as new character models and battlefield elements.

Source: Sega.

Tactical and contextual maps have also been upgraded, along with improved camera work to give us a better overview during battles. We can also expect a few new features, including up to 16 new factions (for a total of 38) and an additional type of agents - merchants, which we will recruit or buy to create extensive trade networks, thus leading our empire to economic domination.

Source: Sega.

Total War: Rome Remastered will also offer a number of features for newcomers - an expanded tutorial, numerous beginner tips, encyclopedia entries and special setting options for dyslexic players. Sega will also provide a cross-platform (for Windows, macOS and Linux) multiplayer mode, where the players will face each other.

Source: Sega.

The title will be released in a month - April 29. You can pre-order it on Steam, directly on Creative Assembly's website, or in Feral Interactive store. If you consider buying on Valve's store and own the original from 2004 in your library, you expact a 50% discount. There's also some good news for those who don't have Rome: Total War Collection yet - it will be included in every purchased version of the game (unfortunately only on Windows).

Another Total War is being created

Creative Assembly has announced that it is working on the next historical installment - as opposed to the recently announced TW: Warhammer III - of the Total War series and is therefore looking for an experienced production manager. You can find all the information about it on Twitter and on the developer's website.

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