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Doom (1993) - Zen Dynamics - Game mod - Download

The file Zen Dynamics is a modification for Doom (1993), a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size20 MB

last updateWednesday, September 11, 2019


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Zen Dynamics is a mod for Doom created by Xaser "The Conqueror".

Description (in authorís own words):

Zen is a 7-level partial conversion, with 13 new guns, complete with reloading, new baddies, music, textures, cutscenes you name it. It has some pretty damn memorable moments, particularly in Map04 and Map07.

One seemingly random day, I was sitting around doing nothing... when it hit me: The perfect way to make true reloading weapons in Zdoom. It worked like a charm in an example wad I put together, but I thought that a simple demo wad with a single test level would not do the reloading trick any justice... so two weeks later, I brought you this: Zen Dynamics, a Zdoom Revolution.

Zen is a 7-level partial conversion, with 10 new guns, complete with reloading, new baddies, music, textures, you name it. It has some pretty damn memorable moments, particularly in Map04 and Map07, and is not just some quickly thrown together wad.

This wad was originally released on the ZDoom forums, as a "public beta" of sorts, before releasing to the /idgames archive for all you crazy people to enjoy. :P

The initial release only took two weeks to finish, but as always, it was littered with random bugs and such. I released several revisions that fixed said bugs, but I got bored at just fixing minor stuff... so for the fabled 2.0 release, I added several things: a new level, a new weapon, and some story elements and such.

And now, I present you with the Anniversary Edition, packed with tons and tons of new features -- Altfires, Two more new weapons, and a brand-new map, Core Zero, perfect for mass-destruction addicts! :P

Yes, there's a small storyline involved, with the usual stuff like gateways and UAC and such, but the intro does a pretty good job at telling it, IMO. :P

The highlight of the wad is probably the weapons, which are pretty much a first in Zdoom history. Just the combination of advanced weaponry with Zdoom features like ACS and portals (which I know you'll love so much more after you've played Map04).

Either way, it's been way too long since I've released anything memorable, and I guarantee you will not forget this wad. :P Sorry for all the bragging and such, but hey.... it's true. :P

To run this mode use ZDoom.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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