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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Party Manager v. - Game mod - Download

The file Party Manager v. is a modification for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

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last updateThursday, July 30, 2020

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Party Manager is a mod for  Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, created by Wesir54.


Current features:

Buttons to upgrade/recruit all units,

Saved Upgrade Tier decisions (set it and forget it), go left, right, or even split for each unit

Party Composition numbers

Buttons to sort or cycle your sort type

Custom user defined sorting

Saved Formations

Transfer Half/All/Custom unit counts


Known Issues:

Some issues with Improved Garrisons 2.0, think I might have fixed it but if you have issues please turn off custompartysize in Improved Garrisons

This mod will most likely have issues if you have mods that replace base game files instead of patching their changes into existing ones, nothing I can do about that other than suggest finding a mod that doesn't do that as half the mods you try to use will probably have similar issues.

Sometimes clicking the upgrade button will put a message at the top saying that you require a horse/warhorse, shouldn't cause any issues

Having the wrong/outdated version of frugal cavalry can lead to crashes when clicking the upgrade button, seems to happen when users manually upgrade as well so it's an issue with frugal cavalry's error handling

Sort Button:

Left Click to sort by your selected sorting option

Right Click to sort all recruitable prisoners and upgradeable units to the top (available upgrades that are missing things like horses will be below the ones that have at least one upgrade ready to go)

Cycle Sort Button:

Left/Right click to cycle your sort type

Sort type\

Auto sorting on party screen opening can be disabled in the config (instructions in readme file)

Sorting on upgrade all/recruit all can be enabled in the config, off by default to improve performance

Base Game Enhancements:

CTRL clicking the transfer button on a unit will transfer all of them

CTRL+SHIFT clicking the transfer button on a unit will transfer half

SHIFT clicking the transfer button on a unit can be configured to any number between 1-500 in the settings, defaults to 5, can be returned to base behavior in the settings

Sticky Slots:

Users can define between 0-50 slots below their heroes to ignore when sorting, allowing them to keep favorite units at top and let the rest of them be sorted

Upgrade Button:

Upgrade all units button will only upgrade units with a single upgrade path by default

CTRL+left clicking a unit's upgrade will set that upgrade path as the target for the future

CTRL+SHIFT+Left clicking an upgrade path will split them evenly, will only do an even number to avoid the left or right path getting more over time when you only have one upgrade available

Right clicking the upgrade button will upgrade only troops that you've set an upgrade path for, which can be use in conjunction with setting an upgrade path on units with only 1 upgrade option to just upgrade what you want

Recruit Button:

Left click will recruit available prisoners up to your party limit

Right click will recruit all available prisoners

Party Composition:

Hover the mouse over the party icon on either your party or the other party's side and it should give you a detailed tooltip with unit counts and percentages

If you want individual weapon breakdowns there's an option in the settings/config page to turn on the advanced mode, if you see any strange behavior please report it, the game has a habit of picking random slots for unit weapons (stones in the primary weapon for peasants with and swords in the primary of horse archers for example) I fixed what I found but there'll probably be a few cases I missed.

Saved Formations:

This feature was added to get around the bug where formations don't save between loading the game

CTRL + Left Click the formation button to save the formation of all your current units

Left click the formation button to apply your saved formations to all of your units

Any units you change the formation of will automatically be added to your saved formation list

In order to avoid altering the save file and potentially corrupting your save you'll need to open your party screen and click the button to apply the formation changes whenever you load the game, this feature is currently a workaround for a bug that should hopefully be fixed soon so anything is better than nothing right now.

Black/White Lists:

All lists start as black lists by default but can be reversed in the settings

ALT clicking the recruit/upgrade button will add/remove the unit from a black/white list to be filtered by when performing upgrade all/recruit all button

?Upgrade black/white list will currently only be applied when performing the upgrade all action and only on units that don't have a custom upgrade path set, might change it in the future but it seemed like if you have a custom upgrade path set you wouldn't want anything interfering with it.

ALT clicking the transfer button on a prisoner on the ransom screen will add/remove them from the black/white list that's applied when the ransom button at the top is clicked


Spoiler: Show

Feel free to take the code and add it to other mods.

Config file located at:

(steam install folder)\Modules\SortParty\ModuleData\SortPartySettings.xml

Feature Requests:

Bug Reports:

I test and develop the mod based off the current version of the game and not the beta branch, I try to make it in a way that should be compatible going forward but as beta branches are constantly changing if I tried to develop in beta I could add features dependent on fields/functions they remove before it hits the main release and end up having to be in constant maintenance mode.

Code can be found at:

To install:

Extract to„… bannerlord\Modules\” and activate in launcher

  • Last update: Thursday, July 30, 2020
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 341.9 KB
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