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Ready or Not - Improved Gameplay v.2.1 - Game mod - Download

The file Improved Gameplay v.2.1 is a modification for Ready or Not, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateWednesday, February 9, 2022

Free download

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Improved Gameplay is a mod for Ready or Not, created by khaosmaou.

Description (in author’s own words):

Now only a 4KB mod! Improves on both the simultaneous super-human and lackluster AI, as well as the behavior of overall gameplay. Reduces chances of you getting wiped out fast and improves enemy behavior and breaching mechanics.. A mod designed for realistic teamwork and tactics, not "run-and-gun" play.

Recent Changes:

v2.0 is an entirely new version built from scratch for game version 17900 (Jan 29 2022). The new game version is much more lenient for editing because of the extra new comments in the AILevelData.ini file, so I was able to change everything I wanted, without the limitations of pervious versions. All non-test levels have been fully tweaked and balanced across the board. Test levels will also gain benefits but will not be as polished as the completed ones. I have also greatly reduced the mod file size to just a few KB.

Main Differences from Vanilla:

  1. Health rebalance: Unarmored units will drop fast, especially civilians when hit with high caliber rounds. SWAT and suspects in heavy armor will take more rounds, especially with smaller calibers.
  2. Enemy accuracy and reaction times vary on enemy "skill level" based around the "lore" of a map or layer.
  3. Enemy AI will shoot at breached doors for longer and more accurately based upon the enemy level "skill".
  4. Enemy AI will remember your last known position for much longer, and react accordingly.
  5. C2 breaching charges and grenades are much more effective at reducing enemy morale, and have slightly increased duration.
  6. Beanbags and Pepperballs made slightly more effective.
  7. Door breaching ram made slightly less effective.
  8. Enemies known to use explosives will plant more explosive traps.
  9. "Teen" suspects on Gas will have less accuracy, but will roam and shoot more easily. They only use alarm traps.
  10. Friendly SWAT AI Operator accuracy and response times will vary on layer, but are generally improved over vanilla.
  11. Chances of a random suspect having "God-Tier" accuracy and response times greatly reduced.


?A realism and lore focused modification to "AILevelData.ini". Reduces the chances of you and your teammates from getting wiped out, but increases your chances of success so long as you use tactics.

?Enemy accuracy and response times are reduced, but the number of enemies are increased as well as their changes of roaming. The enemy won't forget your last position nearly as quickly. More trained suspects, such as those encountered during a raid will fire upon breached doors and have quicker reflexes. Every map and layer has been tweaked to be lore friendly (No more grenade traps on Gas with barricaded suspects, it's a robbery gone wrong committed by teens, where the hell did they get flashbangs and bombs from??). Likewise, taking on the group at the farm will be much harder due to them being "trained" and having much better gear, as well as having time to prepare for an eventual SWAT assault after killing the officer out front. Bomb Defusal will have suspects in waiting, and more explosive traps placed throughout a mission.

?Breaching with C2 will be devastating to enemy morale, and grenades will ensure you have time to breach rooms and get a handle on the environment and contacts before the enemy can respond. Breaching with the ram has been made a bit less effective, but if combined with less-than-lethal grenades it will still be a potent tool.

?I have included the repacked .pak, as well as the "AILevelData.ini" file with latest changes. I plan on updating the mod and adapting it based on user suggestions, and as game updates release. Please leave comments if you have any suggestions, I try to reply to feedback, even if it is negative, I will take it!


The Ready or Mod??? Discord Server

The Ready Or Not Discord Server?

kronzky's AIMod??

Luigi Auriemma's file extractor and importer QuickBMS

kronzky's RoN AI Settings Google Spreadsheet??

The Unofficial Modding Guide Google Document?

Discord user "./beyker[ykt].sh#6699" for asking about a smaller file size, otherwise I never would have guess I could make the mod as small as it is.

Manual Installation:

1. Manually download the mod archive under mail files.

2. Extract the .pak file to "\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks".


1. Delete the Improved Gameplay .pak file from "\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks".


Wypakuj archiwum i skopiuj plik .pak moda do „…\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks”.

  • Last update: Wednesday, February 9, 2022
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 2.9 KB
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