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Elden Ring - ERSFM (Elden Ring Save Files Manager) v.1.2 - Game mod - Download

The file ERSFM (Elden Ring Save Files Manager) v.1.2 is a modification for Elden Ring, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size52 MB


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last updateMonday, April 4, 2022

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

ERSFM (Elden Ring Save Files Manager) is a tool for Elden Ring, created by Saad5400.

Description (in author’s own words)

A simple windows forms app to manage save files easily

Simple files manager, it provides:


  1. Quick save
  2. Manual save
  3. Load save
  4. delete save
  5. Adding save files manually, it's located in {.exe file location}/save files
  6. Hot keys


WARNING: I've read somewhere that changing the game's files can flag you so:

Make sure the game is running in offline mode and the AntiCheat (EAC) isn't running.

WARNING: you will almost certainly be banned if you play online with the mod active.

The anti-cheat must be disabled for this mod to load, this also means that you must play in offline mode. This is the case for all Elden Ring mods.

Create "steam_appid.txt" inside "xxxxx\ELDEN RING\Game\", write 1245620 inside the file.

Rename "start_protected_game" to "start_protected_game.old".

Create a copy of "eldenring.exe" and rename the copy to "start_protected_game".

The game should start without EasyAntiCheat loading up. You will get a message saying "Inappropriate activity detected" in the menu, this is fine.

Alternativelly you can use a mod that forces offline mode – for example Offline launcher (No EAC) orEldenRingEacToggler.


I also recommend saving a backup file before using this, just in case you encounter a bug (it's been working great for now). And if you did encounter a bug, copy the debug log and post it :D


  • Last update: Monday, April 4, 2022
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 52 MB
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