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Ready or Not - Fairfax Residence Remake (New Map) v.1.0.1 - Game mod - Download

The file Fairfax Residence Remake (New Map) v.1.0.1 is a modification for Ready or Not, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size553.1 MB


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last updateTuesday, April 4, 2023

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Fairfax Residence Remake (New Map) is a mod for Ready or Not, created by matthew9324.

Description (in author’s own words):

CREATED BY THE MAIN CREATOR OF FOODWALL/SUPER-A CLUB. This mod is a remake of the Swat 4 classic, Fairfax Residence. I spent a lot of time on making the environment as in depth as possible. This is my first solo project. Provide a lot of feedback to keep the level growing and improving. :)


The Lawschool Lyncher... It seems like the only thing that news in Fairview can talk about recently. Your brief was short, but you were able to create a small summary of your mission:

You're raiding a home that is believed to be the living place of the Lawschool Lyncher. The Lawschool Lyncher is a prominent serial killer in Fairview, and FBI believe that Lawrence Fairfax is the culprit. The location is a quiet, inconspicuous suburban town in Eastern Fairview.

The Bearcat armored vehicle quietly rolls up on the property, stopping. Your team exits, loads and cocks their weapons, and tactically moves towards the front door.


> Browse up your Ready Or Not Local Files through Steam by right clicking on Ready or Not in the side menu of the library, hover over Manage, and then press on Browse local files

> Open the ReadyOrNot Folder in your local files

> Open the Content Folder in your ReadyOrNot folder in your local files

> Open up the Paks folder in the Content Folder

> Place the level Pak alongside the other paks in the folder.

> Load up the game, and choose the level labeled "FairfaxResidence" in the bottom right of the map.

> You should be loading into the map, if not, check if your pak file is in the correct place.

  • Last update: Tuesday, April 4, 2023
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 553.1 MB
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