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Need for Speed: Heat - Ultimate Patch 3.4.8 - Game mod - Download

The file Ultimate Patch 3.4.8 is a modification for Need for Speed: Heat, a(n) racing game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size15.4 MB


(last 7 days)171

last updateSaturday, March 11, 2023

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Heat Ultimate Patch is a mod for Need for Speed: Heat, created by AntiLoser



  1. All cars unlocked (DLC Cars separated into different mod, Deluxe not included)
  2. Car Dealer Alphabetized for easier finding
  3. Ride Height for offroad cars will only change when equipping Suspension
  4. Added Air control ECU option (can steer/turn while in air)
  5. Added Drivetrain Slider (FWD to AWD to RWD. You will need Ultimate Nos Equipped to see it, weird I know but that is where i put the slider)


  1. No Part Restrictions (visual parts will not show message saying restricted by another part when trying to equip)
  2. Removable parts (option may be available only in solo mode, removed parts will still be same when going online)
  3. Labeled parts (Visual parts will show name on the icon in the menu)
  4. Labeled Engine (tells you which car it came from)
  5. Hidden Parts have unique icon to let you know that it is not available in vanilla game(AntiLoser's Ultimate Patch)
  6. Deluxe Parts available to everyone (KS parts from Corvette GS, BMW i8, Evo X, C63 AMG)
  7. All Calipers on all Cars (WIP)
  8. Mirrorable decals on top sections of car (back out of current section and back in again to see it in layers menu)

Engine Swaps??

  1. All Cars with All engines (some high end cars won't have low-end engines)
  2. Sorted by Potential Horsepower (Lowest to Highest)


  1. More Gear options for all cars
  2. All stock turbos on all engines (may not be purchasable in Online mode, try in solo mode. Items purchased in solo mode will work online. Will only improve performance if you use the regera turbo)
  3. All engine items on all engines (does not improve performance of any car. It just adds all vanilla performance items to all engines)
  4. All Drivetrain items on all Cars (does not improve performance of any car. It just adds all vanilla performance items to all cars)
  5. All Chassis items on all Cars (does not improve performance of any car. It just adds all vanilla performance items to all cars)

Engine Sounds

  1. Nissan 350Z Legends Edition Engine: 350Z Engine sound from underground 2 (copied from Heat+/Project United mod)


  1. Two Color Wave neons changed to match blinking speed of the single color wave neons
  2. A duplicate neon from the black market update changed to a new neon color (candy pink & mint)
  3. Replaced some similar color neons with new neon colors (You will need to use my hidden vanity tutorial to get some of the neons)


1.Install Frosty mod manager and then NFS Heat Frosty Key

2. Download Heat Ultimate Patch

extract the archive and place .fbmod into mods folder of mod manager

3.Launch mod manager and apply mods

press launch to start game

Note: This will not work on cracked versions, as crack versions do not work with Frosty Editor/Mod Manager. This mod will not work when playing online. This will only work in solo mode as the rewards are server-side when playing online. Also mods will only work with Origin or Steam versions of the game.

  • Last update: Saturday, March 11, 2023
  • Genre: Racing
  • File size: 15.4 MB

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