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Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide by

Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 8 - Sidequests | Chapter 8 Drakensang: TDE Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016


SQ3 A Tasty Delicacy (continued)

3. Find another buyer

In Murolosh you will meet Treasurer Otosh M10(8), who will offer you 50 ducats for the tongues.

Reward: 50 Ducats


SQ54 Drink the Dwarf under the Table

Angraxa M10(7) wants to bet you 10 Ducats, that you won't beat her in a drinking competition. Prove her wrong.

Reward: 10 Ducats


SQ55 The Traveler's Guide

In the dwarven city you will come across a writer - Simbearda M10(16). He wants you to walk around the area and tell him about your experiences.

1. Visit innkeeper Bashuur

See what you can buy from the innkeeper M10(6).

2. Visit Aldessia

See what you can buy from Aldessia M10(15).

3. Visit armorer Dornax

See what you can buy from the armorer M10(21).

4. Visit trader Watmos

See what you can buy from Watmos M10(21).

5. Visit trader Momplosh

See what you can buy from Momplosh M10(17).

6. Tell the scribe about the city

Return to Simbeard and tell him about what you've seen.

SQ56 Fighting Pests

You will receive the quest from Grimbolosh M10.1(2). Whom you will be able to access after completing Q21.2.1 Go talk to Grimbolosh.

1. Kill all of the scorpions

You need to kill all of the scorpions in the mine.

2. Talk to Grimbolosh

After you're done return to Grimbolosh and tell him about it.

Reward: 10 x Dragon spit trap


SQ57 Unlucky heritage

Talk to Darelitta M10(18). Who is standing near the Throne Room. She will tell you of her problem with her sister and her mother's jewelry. Darelitta would like to get the bracelets, but they belong to another sister.

Option 1: You'll get the earrings, but you'll leave a deposit of 15 Ducats.

Option 2: You will convince her using Seduce or Fast talk to give them to you for free.

Reward: Earrings

1. Find a sister willing for an exchange

Earrings can be exchanged with Diota M10(19), for a necklace.

Reward: Necklace

2. Give the jewelery to the sisters

Now make an exchange with Felika M10(16). To get the ring.

Reward: Ring

Go to the last of the sisters - Fadelika M10(20). She will give you the bracelets.

Reward: Bracelets

Return to Darelitta and give her the jewelry.

Reward: Recipe for ironwood Marimrosh crossbow

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