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Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide by

Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 5 - Main quests - Inquisition | Chapter 5 Drakensang: TDE Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016



Q9a Stolen Knowledge

4. Join the Sun Crusade

At the entrance to the Inquisition Camp you will meet Warina, the Follower of Praios M7(3). Talk to her and she will invite you to join the Inquisition's cause. If you'll agree, Warina will give you your first mission - you have to kill one of the witches, Yasmin M7(1).

4.1 Kill witch Yasmin

1 - Chapter 5 - Main quests - Inquisition - Chapter 5 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You will join the Inquisition once you complete Warinas quest - Chapter 5 - Main quests - Inquisition - Chapter 5 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You will join the Inquisition once you complete Warina's quest

You must prove your worth by killing witch Yasmin.

Return to the witch that you've met by the bridge. Tell her that you've been recruited by the Inquisition and that she has to die. Yasmin will transform her pigs into boars and attack you. For killing her you'll get Yasmin's owl skull.

Reward: Yasmin's owl skull

4.2 Take the talisman to Warina

Take the talisman back to Warina. She will praise you for your deed and send you to Grand Inquisitor da Vanya M7(6).

Q12a Praiots in Blood Forest

1. Talk to da Vanya

You will finally get the chance to talk to the Grand Inquisitor M7(6). Tell him that you want to get through the magic barrier covering the ruins. He will tell you that the barrier will disappear once you kill the remaining witches.

Reward: Inquisition Robes

2. Kill the witches

You have to kill Alvina, Morla and Saphira.

3. Kill Alvina

After completing Q12a3.3 Take Danos to Praiotes camp and leaving the camp you will be attacked by Alvina and her wolves. Kill her, and you will receive another owl skull.

Reward: Alvina's Owl Skull

3.1 Find out Alvina's weakness

Option 1: Near the tent in the woods M7(11) you will find a chest. Inside, you'll find Alvina's Journal, which will tell you about feelings she has for Danos M7(8).

Option 2: Head to the mansion in the Dark Forest M7(9) and talk to Firniane. Tell her that you were sent by the Inquisition. In fear, she will tell you about a relationship between Alvina and Danos M7(8).

3.2 Arrest Danos

Danos can be found near the forest trail. Tell him that he's under arrest. He'll try to resist, but once you'll land a successful hit he will surrender and agree to follow you to the camp.

3.3 Take Danos to the Praiot camp

Half way to the camp you will be stopped by Firniane and some bandits. She has paid them to free her man. After the fight (Q12a.3.4 Break the ambush) continue your way to the camp. Hand the prisoner to Arngeld M7(4) and leave the camp.

3.4 Break the ambush

Option 1: Try to scare them off. If you'll succeed the bandits will just run away.

Option 2: You may pay them a few ducats to leave you in peace. The more you offer, the greater your chance of convincing them.

Option 3: Fight the bandits.

4. Kill Morla

After you kill Knowall (Q12a.4.3 Kill the toads in the pond) Morla will appear and she will be pretty angry. Kill her and take her owl skull.

Reward: Morla's owl skull

4.1 Find out Morla's weakness

You need to complete Q12a4.2 Talk to Berndrik.

4.2 Talk to Berndrik

You'll need to talk to Warina again. She will advise you to talk to Berndrik M7(19), who may have some vital information concerning the witch. Go get him. Once you'll get to the spot you'll see that the camp is being attacked by spirits of nature. Help Berndrik in fighting them off. He will be very grateful for help and will tell you, that her most treasured possession is her toad.

4.3 Kill the toads in the pond

Head to the pond Berndrik told you about. You will find there a toad by the name Knowall M7(12). Try talking to it, but it will sense you're hostile and will attack you.

5. Kill Saphira

After burning down Saphira's (Q12a5.2 Destroy Saphira's hut) house the witch herself will appear, accompanied by some nature spirits. Kill her to get her owl skull.

Reward: Saphira's owl skull

5.1 Find out Saphira's weakness

The person to reveal Saphira's weakness is the cook living in the kitchen of the M7(10) mansion in the Dark Forest. There are a few ways of getting the information from him. You'll need to use Human Nature or take the enchanted pot, from the back of the kitchen and then:

Option 1: Try to seduce the cook.

Option 2: Taunt him.

Option 3: Fight him until he surrenders and tells you what you need.

5.2 Destroy Saphira's hut

Knowing how Saphira M7(18) loves her hut in the woods head there. You'll find a burning brazier. Knock it over to set the hut on fire.

6. Find the mansion in the Dark Forest

This quest will be completed once you enter the mansion M7(9).

7. Report to da Vanya

Once all of the witches are dead (Q12a.2 Kill the witches) report it to the Grand Inquisitor to learn that there is one more thing you need to do - you need to kill the one remaining witch, Heidrune. In order to do that you will need to summon her in the special spot M7(23) using the owl skulls.

8. Defeat Heidrune in the witches' meeting place

After summoning the witch (Q12a.8.2 Summon Heidrune) talk to her. You won't be able to tell her much as the Grand Inquisitor will appear and talk to Heidrune. When he's done he will transform into a lizard-like creature and his knights will reveal themselves as dragon cultists. The lizard will cast some kind of spell on the witch and then it will turn against you.

8.1 Find the dancing place

The magical spot can be found in north-eastern part of the map M7(23).

8.2 Summon Heidrune

Heidrune can be summoned by placing the owl skulls on the right statues - Chapter 5 - Main quests - Inquisition - Chapter 5 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Heidrune can be summoned by placing the owl skulls on the right statues.

9. Defeat da Vayna

Focus your attacks on the Grand Inquisitor. He is pretty tough so you need to take him down as soon as possible - the cultists may wait a bit. After the fight search the body - you'll find quite a lot of money and some valuable items. Talk to Heidrune.

Reward: Fire Opals

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