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Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide by

Drakensang: The Dark Eye Game Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 4 - Maps: M6. Moorbridge Marshes | Chapter 4 Drakensang: TDE Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016


Maps: M6. Moorbridge Marshes

Exits - Chapter 4 - Maps: M6. Moorbridge Marshes - Chapter 4 - Drakensang: The Dark Eye - Game Guide and Walkthrough


I. World Map

Important characters and locations:

1. The Square - when you first arrive at this location you will witness a scene between Bredo Bento and the sheriff

2. Bredo Bento

3. Muddy Boot

4. Leadfinger the Blacksmith - he will appear after you get back from the peat bog. Before talking to him make sure you have a shovel - he will reforge it into a sword for free

5. Rats

6. Temple:

Morlinde - you will meet her here after completing SQ25.2 Locate Morlinde in Moorbridge

7. Treasure Map - you will find it during SQ30 And Old Treasure Map.

8. Ambush - after you return from the marshes you will be attacked by the sheriff and the local militia. If you found any proof of the sheriff's involvement in the undead plague, you should be able to convince the militia to your side. The possible proofs are:

Proof 1: Complete the SQ26 Wolf rats of Moorbridge and don't take the money from the innkeeper and then pay for everyone's drinks for the night. The innkeeper will tell you that something is troubling one of the militiamen. Talk to Mirosh about the sheriff, then go and talk to Ilra.

Proof 2: In one of the crypts M6(22) you will encounter two graverobbers. If you manage to convince them not to fight you and then use Human Nature on them, they will tell you that they've seen sheriff in the marshes.

Proof 3: Before fighting the necromancer approach the ruins from behind and listen to him talking about his cooperation with the sheriff.

9. Undead Rufus

10. Treasure Barrel

11. Evil Tree, Gwendala

12. Mandragor

13. Treasure Barrel

14. Rakorium, Novice Nottel

15. Grave with buttons

16. Ruins


17. Fourth mercenary's grave

18. Harpy egg

19. Graves of three mercenaries

20. Treasure chest

21. Crypt with deont Morlinde inside

22. Crypt with graverobbers inside

23. Crypt to which Thalya will lead you

24. Crypt

25. Crypt with a sarcophagus. Inside you will find the treasure connected with the SQ30 An Old Treasure Map

26. Crypt - inside you will find a rock goblin

27. Crypt

28. Crypt

29. Mill

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