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Dark Alliance Guide by

Dark Alliance Guide

Table of Contents

Dark Alliance: Status Effects Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance guide walkthrough

Last update: 08 July 2021

On this page of Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance guide you will find a list of all status effects: buffs, debuffs and conditions.

Buff Status Effects

  1. Acid Damage: additional acid damage;
  2. Acid Immunity: immunity to acid;
  3. Acid Resistance: increased acid resistance;
  4. Cold Damage: additional cold damage;
  5. Cold Immunity: immunity to cold;
  6. Cold Resistance: increased cold resistance;
  7. Fire Damage: additional fire damage;
  8. Fire Immunity: immunity to fire;
  9. Fire Resistance: increased resistance to fire;
  10. Lightning Damage: additional lightning damage;
  11. Lightning Immunity: immunity to lightning;
  12. Lightning Resistance: increased lightning resistance;
  13. Necrotic Damage: additional necrotic energy damage;
  14. Necrotic Immunity: immunity to necrotic energy;
  15. Necrotic Resistance: increased necrotic energy resistance;
  16. Concentration;
  17. Elemental Resistance: increased resistance to all elements;
  18. Frenzy: increased damage;
  19. Invulnerable: immunity to attacks;
  20. Legendary Resistance: reduces damage received from legendary attacks;
  21. Physical Resistance: increased resistance to physical damage;
  22. Powerful Strikes: increased critical damage;
  23. Precision Strikes: increased chance of landing a critical hit;
  24. Primal Instinct: increased armor value and attack power depending on the amount of missing health points;
  25. Reckless Attack: increased chance to hit the target - applicable both to you and your enemies;
  26. Regeneration: regeneration of a specified number of life points per second;
  27. Shielded: shield allows heroes to take damage for a specific period of time. You will not receive damage while the shield bar is active. The shield also prevents stuns and falls;
  28. Stalwart: strength bonus;
  29. Thorns: enemies in the vicinity of the hero receive a certain amount of thorns damage;
  30. Unstopable: prevents stun, interrupt, and fall effects for some time. The character can still take damage;
  31. Vampiric: draining health from enemies while performing attacks.

Debuffs Status Effects

  1. Burning: inflicts a certain amount of fire damage per second;
  2. Bleeding: while bleeding, the hero will receive a certain amount of damage per second;
  3. Charmed: once charmed, the hero cannot attack;
  4. Corrupted:
  5. Cursed: increases damage received from all sources by 50%;
  6. Fatigued: empties the stamina bar and slows down the attacks animations;
  7. Frightened: terror overpowers the character and makes them unable to move;
  8. Hexed: inflicts a certain amount of necrotic damage per second;
  9. Poisoned: inflicts a certain amount of poison damage;
  10. Sapped;
  11. Silenced: silenced heroes cannot use skills;
  12. Slowed: temporarily reduces the speed of movement;
  13. Weakened: reduces inflicted damage by 50%.


  1. Blinded: all attacks will miss the target;
  2. Confused: you lose control of the character. Your hero begins to move in various directions;
  3. Ethereal: invisibility effect that disappears once you perform an attack;
  4. Exhausted: when exhausted, you cannot move. The effect is activated when you run out of stamina;
  5. Frozen: frozen target cannot move. The effect is triggered by inflicting or receiving a certain amount of cold damage;
  6. Grappled: some enemies can set traps that can catch your heroes. You won't be able to move unless you free yourself;
  7. Invisible: enemies will not attack your hero as long as you remain invisible;
  8. Taunted: provoked enemies focus their attacks on the character that caused this effect;
  9. Warmth: prevents receiving cold damage.
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