Gaming NewsNov 30, 2016 at 5:01a PSTby luckie

TPP MOBA shooter Gigantic to be beta-tested next week

If you're looking for a MOBA shooter, you may want to try out Gigantic. The game will have an open beta next week, available for Windows 10 and Xbox One users.

MOBA fans, it’s time you remembered of Gigantic, a third-person multiplayer online battle arena shooter with a cross-play option for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC users. The game, in development by Motiga, will have an open beta on December 8, 2016 – you can sign up here. Just like the best known representative of this genre, League of Legends, Gigantic will put up two teams of five players against each other in dynamic multiplayer battles. Unlike that title, though, this one is based on a TPP shooter mechanics. For now, Gigantic has no solid release date.

In the beta, players will be able to try out limited content, including three maps, and 8 out of 16 playable characters (more will come after the release). Four of them – namely: Aisling, a young girl accompanied by her deceased father’s ghost, dragon fire mage Charnok, HK-206, a robot armed to the teeth, and crazy alchemist called Uncle Sven – will be available for all participants, while the rest are to be assigned randomly to each player. What’s important, the upcoming Gigantic open beta is not under NDA, which means you are free to share gameplay videos, streams, screenshots, as well as personal opinions with other internet users.