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Gaming NewsMay 30, 2017 at 11:59p PSTby luckie

Terminator 2 remade in Grand Theft Auto V fan-made video

A fan recreated all key scenes from Terminator 2 in Grand Theft Auto V. You can watch the results of his work on YouTube. A word of warning, though - don't forget to say "please"!

While we’re waiting to watch Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D, coming to theaters on August 25, 2017, why not watch another version of the classic 1991 movie? Recently a fan has posted a full-length Terminator 2 film remade in Grand Theft Auto V, as spotted by MovieWeb. This one-hour-long video contains all the key scenes from the movie, including the cult bar scene. A word of explanation about bad lip sync – the project was originally created in Russian and only later received an English version, as the creator hadn’t expected a worldwide audience.

As mentioned in the outset, this year Terminator 2 is getting a 3D version remastered in 4K. Fans of the famous franchise are also looking forward to seeing a brand new Terminator movie by James Cameron, which has recently been confirmed. The director of the original two films is going to regain the rights to the IP in 2019. Fans have also been excited to hear that Arnold Schwarzenegger, who at that point will be 72, will be back for this next movie. Rumor has it that the motion picture will be directed by Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, which was a feature film debut for him.

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