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Gaming NewsAug 8, 2017 at 7:18a PSTby luckie

Mobile RTS Titanfall: Assault to launch this Thursday

Mobile real-time strategy Titanfall: Assault is coming to iOS and Android this Thursday. Developed by Particle City, the game will feature dynamic online battles for two players commanding unique titans and their pilots.

Titanfall: Assault, mobile strategy game based on a popular franchise of first-person shooters from Respawn Entertainment, is going to launch on August 10, 2017 on iOS and Android. On both these systems the title will be available for free with optional microtransactions. Titanfall: Assault is a spin-off to the core Titanfall games. However, the title is developed by Particle City (co-founded by Vince Zampella) under the watchful eyes of the IP’s creators, and is going to be published by Nexon.

Titanfall: Assault is an uncomplicated real-time strategy game that focuses on online battles. The game’s mechanics are somewhat similar to those in the popular Clash of Clans. Each player’s task is to send their mechs (called titans here) to fight through opponent’s defenses and destroy their base. There are several types of titans in the game, each one featuring unique abilities and combat style. Those are coming partly from Titanfall 2, but there are a couple of original ones too. Find out more on the official website.