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Movies & Series 01 January 2022, 15:00

author: Marek Jura

15 Most Important Moments From Dragon Ball

Before Pokemon, Naruto and One Piece conquered the world, Goku came to us from the Land of the Cherry Blossom on a magic cloud. Say what you want, but whether it's because of nostalgia or the universality of the story, no other anime moves me as much!

3. Crystal Balls penetrate Goku's body

  1. Which series is it: Dragon Ball GT
  2. Starring: Goku, Shenron, Crystal Balls

GT can be criticized for script shortcuts, logical errors and limiting the roles of Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Piccolo and the rest of the Z fighters. It's all true. These shortcomings, however, were to some extent compensated by the original character designs and a great soundtrack (the incredibly dynamic opening theme was perfectly complemented by the slightly nostalgic ending). The greatest strength of GT , however, remains the culmination of the entire story of Dragon Balls.

The appearance of evil dragons is a wink to the fans - the existence of each of them was conditioned by subsequent Shenron calls. In fact, the heroes started using his services too often. The power of the Dragon Crystal Balls made the successive deaths less sad; After all, each viewer was aware that sooner or later their favorite heroes would return. The events of GT finally changed that - after winning the fight against the last evil dragon, Shenron announced that reviving the people who died in the recent events is the last wish he fulfills.

In one of the last scenes of Dragon Ball , we see Goku flying away on a dragon. Soon after, the main character falls asleep on his back, and the Crystal Balls successively penetrate his body. The story about them automatically becomes the story of Goku, who is united with them. Maybe it's a metaphor sewn with thick threads, but that doesn't matter as long as it just moves you.

Goku turns into SSJ4

Dragon Ball GT was no longer based on the manga like the two previous series, but was a free imagination of Toei Animation, on a loose plot and concept sketched by Toriyama. Thanks to this, we managed to avoid too long sequences known from Z (existing, among others, so that the anime does not overtake the manga). However, the script suffered a bit, as did the tension in key clashes. But Goku's transformation into SSJ4 remains one of the most "epic" in the series, drawing inspiration from both Ozaru and SSJ1.

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