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Signs of the Sojourner Game preview

Game preview 19 September 2019, 17:04

author: Martin Strzyzewski

Terminator: Resistance – Exclusive Preview and 7 Important Questions

The Poles at Teyon studio face the legend of the 80s – the Terminator. We have known about it for a long time, and today, we can finally talk about the game, which we've had a chance to play already.

Slated for release: September 2020.

This text was based on the PC version.

We've seen Terminator Resistance in May of this year at the Digital Dragons conference, or rather next to it, because the show took place in a rented apartment near the conference center. I'm used to seeing new titles long before they hit the stores. This time, though, it was something more – I could play Terminator Resistance as the world's first journalist... and then I had to keep my mouth shut until now. But I know What you care about, the presentation itself and the game itself. So let me answer a few basic questions.

What's the upcoming Terminator game about?

Terminator: Resistance – Exclusive Preview and 7 Important Questions - picture #1
The atmosphere is good, but nowhere near the movies.

Terminator from Krakow's Teyon studio is a 100-percent single-player FPS with RPG elements stronger than usual in this genre, a branched storyline, and partially open locations. At first glance, the game reminded me of the latest Homefront, but at the same time, for some reason, it was also evocative of Dying Light, although there are no zombies, nor parkour.

The release date has not been disclosed yet, but we know that we're looking at a multi-platform release for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Teyon has plenty of experience with Nintendo Switch, but the console, according to the devs, wouldn't be able to run the game.

Okay, but what does the game have to do with the popular franchise?

The setting is the United States after a revolution of machines. Remember the short snippets of the future in the first and the second Terminator movies? This is roughly when the game takes place. The developers call their game a prequel of the first film, because the plot is supposed to get us to about the moment where the machines sent their hitman to the past to kill John Connor.

During the game, we will meet the characters known from the movies, and, above all, see the titular "electronic killers." Personally, I had the pleasure of admiring the t-800 model, the Terminator with a skull-like head. Besides that, I have also met the robo-spiders coming in two sizes (these were invented by the devs) and some patrolling drones.

Unfortunately, a stronger link between the game and the movies is hardly tangible when playing. Mainly because the Polish production tells of events that were barely shown in the first two movies. Can you even remember those scenes? Not much could be seen, only darkness, frayed soldiers, some robots and explosions. The game depicts more of a classic, post-apo USA, which addmittedly has a cool atmosphere, but doesn't really evoke the movies.

Terminator: Resistance – Exclusive Preview and 7 Important Questions - picture #2
The developers have created models both taken from the movies, and invented by them.
Terminator: Resistance – Exclusive Preview and 7 Important Questions - picture #3


The first film was released in 1984, and its action took place in the same year. Plot outline: in 2029, there is a war between humans and rebellious machines. Humans win, and robots send an "electronic killer" (played by the one-and-only Arnold Schwarzenegger) back in time to kill the mother of the leader of the human resistance – Sarah Connor. The mission of stopping the Terminator is given to Kyle Reese.

In the second film, the story repeats with the difference that the protectors of Sarah and her son send their own, reprogrammed Terminator – again played by the former governor of California. .

Who's the protagonist?

You play as a resistance fighter whose squad was butchered by robots. While searching for other human units, he stumbles upon a small group of survivors, and sets out with them on a journey that is apparently inspired by the fantastic Metro: Exodus. Here, too, our comrades will try to organize mobile headquarters.

Terminator: Resistance – Exclusive Preview and 7 Important Questions - picture #4
You can see the budget isn't high, but it's edible.


Correct, they are the same team, although Teyon's efforts are not limited to game development. Let me remind you that Rambo: the Video Game not only received a very bad reception from the players (I myself sort of enjoed it), but at the same time, it's clear that since then, the team has learned a lot, and the whole project is clearly more ambitious.

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