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Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Expansion Game review

Game review 28 October 2019, 12:25

author: Patrick Homa

Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Review – Old New McDonald hat 'ne Farm

The popular Farming Simulator series has been known as the best crop harvesting simulator over the years. This time, we have decided to test the Platinum Expansion set dedicated to Farming Simulator 2019.

The review is based on the PC version.

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November 22, 2019. It's been almost a year since the world premiere of Farming Simulator 19, which is an unmatched simulator of crop cultivation and animal breeding. To celebrate this occasion, game designers have decided to release the Platinum version of the game. What can we say about the game and the latest DLC?

Better dampen the enthusiasm if you're a loyal fan of the franchise cause the aforementioned Platinum Expansion is nothing more than just another DLC expansion set which introduces a slightly extended features and a large package of CLAAS vehicles and machines. On the day of the Farming's sim release anniversary (almost) it would be great to check and summarize the game from a new point of view, what was implemented in the new add-on and what are the forecasts for the franchise's future.

  1. excellent visuals and good optimization,
  2. brilliant representation of licensed machines (interior and exterior),
  3. multiplayer provides a lot of fun,
  4. huge fanbase and active community,
  5. numerous mods that can be used.
  1. the gameplay is pretty much the same as in older installments,
  2. if you are not a fan of farming, then the game can become tedious due to repetitive actions,
  3. uninteresting maps and levels (can be fixed after installing some mods).

Farming Simulator 19 remains and will most probably remain, for the nearest future, the best farming simulator on the market. Meanwhile, we expect two interesting video game premieres:

  1. Farmer's Dynasty, which combines farming (on a small scale – that distinguishes this title from FS2019) with elements of RPG game. Apart from farming, the player has to complete and maintain many tasks such as: support his family, customize and renovate farm buildings, and a lot of other minor activities and mini-games. Release date: November 7, 2019 (available in Early Access).
  2. Farm&Fix 2020 after a failed attempt by PlayWay that tried to create a worthy rival for FS, this time a small Polish group known as SimFabric undertook this challenge. In Farm&Fix 2020 you won't find what's in FS19 – the game clearly focuses on arcade gameplay and action, not the aspect of simulation. This title puts more emphasis on quality during your gameplay like high precision machine repairs, restoration of farm buildings and character development, but less impact on general activities such as numerous and repeatable tasks, crop planning and extensive economics. Release date: 2020.

About Farming through the eyes of a virtual farmer

Farming Simulator 19 is a game that can be played for many hours or just as a casual title. In both cases, the game can provide a large portion of fun, as long as you like this theme and setting and the slow pace of the game. If you don't intend to cheat and don't have much experience with farm work (some basic theory should be enough), it will take you a long time to earn a budget to wisely expand your farm. Many initial purchases may not turn out to be a good idea if you don't know the full specificity of the machines/vehicles, and waiting for the proper moment to sell a full silo of potatoes at a decent price may be troublesome to many gamers.

Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Review – Old New McDonald hat ne Farm - picture #1
Farming Simulator 19 has really nice graphics.

Due to the implementation of a new physics engine, Farming Simulator 19 provides a better representation of power and speed ratios of all vehicles. Furthermore, you can feel some bumps and terrain irregularities when you drive a machine on your field. Shape of terrain and its topology also have a significant meaning here. If you are tempted with a low price spacious land it means that it may be located on a slope and the consequences of cultivating such a zone are very unpleasant. Many tractors simply can't work properly on a terrain with a large tilt angle. There are also some disadvantages, which are rather a satire of realism: frequent vehicle rollovers or two-wheel driving is an everyday phenomenon. You really need to get used to it... The level of physics is acceptable, but it could be a little more "realistic & precise".

The graphics looks fantastic and it pleases the eye: brilliant 3D models of machines, great weather effects and beautiful vegetation. In addition, rich and refined animations allow you to stop for a moment and watch the independent work of the machine or its preparation for operation. In this matter it is rather difficult to have any objections.

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