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Gods Will Fall Game review

Game review 29 January 2021, 13:08

author: Matt Buckley

Itís hard to describe myself here without being too obvious. I am a writer, which is clear because you (hopefully just read my article) and a video game enthusiast (which is also obvious if you (hopefully) read my article).

Gods Will Fall Review - A Gripping, Unique Dungeon Crawler!

This debut original project from British team Clever Beams brings fresh solutions to a tried formula, and definitely comes out on top. Gods Will Fall is a pretty, engrossing, and truly challenging dungeon crawler.

The review is based on the Switch version. It's also relevant to PC, PS4 version(s).

For millennia, a malevolent pantheon of gods demanded blind fealty from its subjects, and in return they dispense nothing but pain and cruelty. Now these subjects have risen up in revolution, to cast these evil gods out once and for all.

Gods Will Fall, the debut title of developer Clever Beans, pits your team of eight warriors against a pantheon of ten cruel gods. Hack and slash your way through each godís unique dungeon full of minions, until ultimately duking it out with the god in a boss fight. You have free choice of which dungeons to attempt first, but some are more difficult than others. In fact, the difficulty of the dungeons is one of the randomized factors in each new game, making it a risk every time.

Gods Will Fall Review - A Gripping, Unique Dungeon Crawler! - picture #1

Donít Get Attached

The goal of this game is simple: slay all them gods. And though it may sound straightforward enough, this game is anything but. You start with a team of eight warriors, all eager to defeat the gods, but the game emphasizes managing this small army wisely by using a quasi-permadeath system.

  1. Challenging & satisfying combat;
  2. Excellent music and sound design;
  3. Engaging lore.
  1. Quite difficult, so it can cause frustration;
  2. Randomness means you need some luck.

Only one warrior can enter a dungeon at a time, and since each dungeonís difficulty is randomized, thereís no way to know what kind of challenges youíll be up against before embarking. If you choose poorly, and your warrior falls, they will be trapped. The only way to set them free again is to use another warrior and successfully topple the god holding them hostage. Each defeat leaves you with the troubling decision of either trying to rescue your teammate, or coming back for them later. Winning them back would be great, but how many warriors are you willing to risk in the process? Lose all eight and itís game over.

By making the stakes high, Gods Will Fall provides ambrosia-like satisfaction when you eventually claim victory, but the learning curve is quite steep. The best beginner advice is this: donít get attached. Unless you take to the gameís combat quickly, chances are you might lose your first or second group without beating all the gods. This game requires practice and patience.

Gods Will Fall Review - A Gripping, Unique Dungeon Crawler! - picture #2

Practice Makes Perfect

Combat in Gods Will Fall is all about sinking into the dodge-parry-attack routine. Even the weakest enemies can knock down a warrior with just a few hits, so caution is advised.

Your warriorís vigour, i.e. health points, can conveniently be replenished through successful combat, thus encouraging you to keep fighting. Itís an interesting dichotomy when almost getting killed is the only thing that can make you stronger, and an interesting solution that greatly benefits the difficulty balance.

Itís a strange and unique combat system to become accustomed to, but it is also challenging and demanding, with real consequences to sloppiness. It setís this game apart from many action games with near-invincible protagonists, and even rogue-likes, where the protagonistsí death is the end of fun Ė not part of it.

Gods Will Fall Review - A Gripping, Unique Dungeon Crawler! - picture #3

Headphones recommended

There is no way to overstate how excellent Gods Will Fall sounds with headphones on. The music escalates with your progression. Entering a dungeon is usually accompanied by tame music thatís hardly noticeable over the sounds of the environment. Chirping birds and steady rainfall might take the forefront. But as you get closer and closer to reaching the culmination of the dungeon, the music creeps into a long crescendo, eventually filling your ears with an inspiring chorus of chants.

The unique ambiance present in each dungeon is also praiseworthy. A constant thunderstorm, a jungle full of animals, or a windswept mountain are just a few of the memorable soundscapes in this game. When I first heard a thunderclap in a new dungeon, I instinctively glanced out the window only to realize it was from the game.

Gods Will Fall Review - A Gripping, Unique Dungeon Crawler! - picture #4
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