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Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide by

Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide

Table of Contents

Fighting | Basics Fable Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

As you surely know by now, there are three basic ways to defeat enemies in Fable: melee, ranged and magic, here known as Will. The difficulty level of the game is quite low, so you should manage to do just fine no matter how you spend your experience points. Try to keep in mind a few hints, though.

Melee - the easiest and simplest method of exterminating everything that stands in your way. It's important to learn how to dodge attacks (block + directional key), as they prove essential in some places of the game, mostly boss encounters, where you have to move quickly to be able to strike the enemy's weak spot.

Ranged - once you get your Accuracy high enough, you can eliminate virtually everything using your bow only. Yes, I mean bow, as the crossbows in the game are pretty weak and hard to aim in FPP view (camera problem). Just get yourself the Skorm's Bow (The Chapel of Skorm quest) and you're free to go when it comes to ranged combat. Remember you can perform headshots on some of the weaker enemies (ex. bandits).

Will - when investing experience points in magical spells, don't ever forget that there's quality over quantity. It's a lot better to master 3 or 4 spells and raise their level high enough than to operate with a handful of weak and untrained ones. Spells you should take a closer look at are: Enflame (will get you through 90% of the boss fights), Multi Strike (ingenious spell when you are strong with melee - gives you up to 5 unblockable hits each time you cast it onto your sword), and Physical Shield (Combat Multiplier trick, explained above). Also, consider to get at least 1st level of Heal Life, as it's very handy in the escort-like quests (those NPCs die so easily, don't they?).

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