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Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide by

Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide

Table of Contents

Interacting | Basics Fable Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

There are a lot of interesting things we can do in Albion and the freedom we have in the game isn't limited only to different ways of solving the quests. When you get tired of completing missions, nothing stands in your way just to wander around and take care of your own business and become a full-time inhabitant of the fantasy world of Fable.

Expressions - your main way of communication with all the NPCs that can't be interacted with directly. Through the whole game you learn more and more gestures, which enable you to make civilians tremble in fear, fall in love with you or just stare and adore your greatness. Evil characters learn some different expressions than the good ones (that means that if you want to get all of them you have to become both completely good and evil, not simultaneously of course).

Marriages - the more you raise your Attractiveness meter, the easier it will be to attract Albion's women and men (yup, homosexual marriages are legal in here). When you see a person that finds you somehow attractive, you will notice a small heart above his/her head. You can make the heart grow bigger by performing certain expressions and giving gifts. Once it's fully charged, feel free to propose using the wedding ring. Being married doesn't have any influence on the rest of the game, but it seems a nice experience. And you can have sex, too. Be warned, though, as when you treat your sweetheart badly, you'll surely be divorced sooner or later.

Owning a house - you can find a house ready to be bought in every bigger town in the game. Once you decide to pay for it, you can either rent it or use it yourself. In fact, you can eventually buy almost every building in the game, including taverns and shops. Only thing you have to do is to get rid of the current owners. Once they're gone, their house will become available to be bought.

Hazard - when you master these simple mini-games, found in every tavern in Albion, you will get yourself quite a decent source of money. The 'Find the Hero Dolls' quest is based on them, also.

1 - Interacting | Basics - Basics - Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide
Fishing - the fish we catch can be used in Fishing Competition (Fisher Creek) - Interacting | Basics - Basics - Fable: The Lost Chapters Game Guide

Fishing - the fish we catch can be used in Fishing Competition (Fisher Creek). Besides, you will surely encounter recognizable 'bubble' spots on the water, which indicate some special items to be found in there, ex. Silver Keys or potions. Always remember to use them all, no point missing them. Fishing itself is a simple mini-game, in which you have to click the mouse when the fish doesn't pull the string and let go when it does. You'll understand when you see it for yourself.

Digging - when you stand at the spot where something is buried, the spade will appear as one of the default items to use with F1-F3 keys. Most of these spots are mentioned in this guide, either in the Silver Keys section or by the quests.

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