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ABC with Reksio (PC cover
Game Box forABC with Reksio (PC)

ABC with Reksio PC

ABC with Rex is an educational game with a friendly and well-known dog Rex in the lead role.

Puzzle | animated TV series | educational | for children | Polish

ABC with Reksio Release Date PC


developer: Aidem Media/BoomBit publisher: Aidem Media/BoomBit Official website

English language game language: English

‘ABC with Reksio’ is a programme for children over 5. It is designed to teach the alphabet, learn about the function of letters in words as well as reading and understanding simple words, phrases and sentences. The programme is elaborate and diversified; it contains about 300 games and plays. It contains an alphabet course and numerous games involving letter writing.

‘ABC with Reksio’ consists of three parts: the Game of Letters, the Encyclopaedia of Letters and the Reading Primer. The first one is a funny, multi-plot game in which the player helps Reksio complete the alphabet. The collection of colourful pages devoted to particular letters makes up the Encyclopaedia of Letters, full of hidden animation, words, and games. The Reading Primer is a child-friendly alphabet course. It consists of about 100 tasks, games and presentations. The child learns not only how to recognise letters, but also how to use them in different communicative situations.

The Game of Letters

The Letter Dragon has abducted Reksio’s best friend. In order to set him free, Reksio has to complete the alphabet. The child, helping the little dog, learns the alphabet and practises reading and writing. The courtyard outside the house marks the Centre of Reksio’s World, where six interesting games are hidden in which one can win letters . In the game called ‘The Hen in Trouble’ Reksio has to ward off a fox attack. In ‘The Greenhouse’ he plants seeds and grows letters. In ‘The Rooster’s Machine’ he turns objects into letters. In the game called ‘The Wanderers’ he guesses the names of guests arriving from distant places. In ‘The Letter Shop’ which is visited by travellers, the alphabet is the valid currency. Reksio also goes ‘Fishing’ and tries to fish letters and objects out of a lake.

The Encyclopaedia of Letters

Each letter has its menu including a set of tasks in the programme. In different parts of the picture there are hidden names of objects, characters, and funny animation as well as about 200 games.

The child can solve rebuses, colour pictures, search for hidden words in cross-out riddles, and go through labyrinths of letters. This element of the programme is very diversified. Its aim is to fix the knowledge of letters.

The Reading Primer

The Reading Primer is a course of learning letters and sounds and their functions in forming syllables, words, and sentences. It is divided into 23 sets of tasks arranged in the order recommended in elementary education.

All the tasks are done by means of lighting, clicking, or drawing out letters, words, and objects. Each set of tasks consists of an introduction, two exercises devoted to a letter and a task summing up the knowledge acquired.

– A 3-in-1 set: the Game, the School; the Encyclopaedia

– Over 300 games, riddles and exercises provide a thorough alphabet course

– plenty of action, surprises and hidden animations

– exceptionally long life span thanks to flexible game design and great playability

– activities perfectly adapted to different age groups

– a thrilling adventure with an educational approach in its content and objectives

– a mini-encyclopaedia for more information on each letter

Game mode: single player  

Media type: 1 CD

User score: 7,2 / 10 based on 70 votes.

Age restrictions ABC with Reksio: Good for all ages.

ABC with Reksio System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended:
  • Pentium 133 Mhz
  • 16MB RAM
  • Windows 95/98
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