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Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed (Switch cover
Game Box forAkiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed (Switch)

Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed

Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed is an absurd action adventure game in which we take on the role of otaku and cross Japan's Akihabara and fight the local vampires by undressing them to a broth. This is a renewed and improved version of the original from the PSP console.

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Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed Release Date




Switch PS4

developer: Acquire publisher: XSEED Games Official website

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Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed is a remaster of the first part of the action adventure game released on the PSP console in 2012, created by Acquire studio. The action of the game is set in Akihabara, the Japanese capital of all geeks and nerds, where we fight against vampire creatures called Shadow Souls or Kageyashi.


The action of the game takes place in one of the districts of Tokyo - Akihabara. This is the Mecca of all fans of pop culture associated with games, cartoons, comics and the like. Recently, however, it's not as safe as it should be because the neighborhood has attracted vampires called Kageyashi. In the game we play as the otaku Tanake Akihire, a regular of Akihibara, who, together with friends, undertakes to fight against bloodsuckers by exposing them to sunlight after having them undressed to their underwear.

Playing is connected with making decisions that affect the course of the game, as well as its ending. To get to know the game in its entirety, you have to go through it three times by playing routs, which have unique side threads and the possibility to get to know new NPCs.


Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed is a three-dimensional game with an open world, with fragments typical of visual novel, seen from a third person perspective.

The main task of the player is to get Kageyashi out of the Akihabara area. Bloodsuckers, however, at first glance do not differ at all from the human species. In order to recognize them, we need to use special equipment - a camera that is completely safe for people. After positive identification comes the time for a beat'em up fight, called here Strip Action. It depends on gradual stripping the enemy from his garment, until the time when he is going to parade in his underwear. Then you have to expose it to sunlight and you're out of trouble. The remains of a dead vampire's wardrobe can be sold or worn.

The further we move forward in terms of storyline, the harder it is. Initially, simple fights can turn into a real challenge when other Kageyashi come to help the attacked bloodsuckers, ready to rob us of our shirts and trousers, or when the police come into action. She also has a desire for our clothing, and when she shamelessly undresses us to the cut, we will face nothing but arrest.

In our free time we can explore the vibrant neighborhood and engage in various activities, such as getting some of the original cosplay costumes, playing on arcade slot machines and many others.

Technical aspects

Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed is a Japanese production game, so it's full of absurd and black humour and Japanese pop culture references that will appeal to every anime and manga fan.

The game remaster is based on a new HD-enabled engine that makes the refurbished Akihabara's location more pleasing to the eye.

Game mode: single player  

PEGI rating Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains bad language. Game contains depictions of violence.

Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Intel Core i5-750 2.66 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTX 560 or better
  • 2 GB HDD
  • Windows 8.1
  • Recommended:
  • Intel Core i7-4770 3.4 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • graphic card 2 GB GeForce GTX 950 or better
  • 2 GB HDD
  • Windows 8.1/10
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