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Game Box for Ankh: Heart of Osiris (PC)

Ankh: Heart of Osiris PC

Ankh: Heart of Osiris is a continuation of Ankh's adventure published in 2005: The Tales of Mystery, for which Deck13 Interactive studio is responsible.

Adventure | point-and-click | Ancient history | Egyptian mythology

PC / Windows
Ankh: Heart of Osiris cover

developer: Deck13 Interactive

publisher: Micro Application

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Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PC:


Ankh: Heart of Osiris is a position which, although not a full-fledged continuation of The Tales of Mystery, will surely make all fans of this classic adventure game wait for the next part of Ankha. Defined by the creators as the next episode, Heart of Osiris once again allows us to interact with famous heroes and continues many threads from the original.

Feature layer of the game treats the further fate of well known from the first installment - Assil and Thara. The main character remains a young man, but the scenario does not limit us only to this character - the player also has the ability to control the beautiful Thara, and even the Pharaoh himself. The plot of the latest edition presents many issues and threads from the first part in a completely new light, while the script abounds in surprising events. At some point, Assil loses Ankha in favour of Osiris, who intends to use the favorable conditions effectively, again trying to get into the world of the living - this allows him the power contained in the title, mythical object. However, in order to carry out a mysterious plan, he needs his heart, stolen centuries ago by the eternal Seth's enemy and hidden somewhere in Egypt. Hence the subtitle of the second episode of this adventure.

The player visits a total of 15 different locations, about half of which is completely new and the rest uses The Tales of Mystery motifs, but is much better worked out and modernized. The engine of the program has been largely rebuilt and now offers a number of modern technologies, including dynamic lighting, more realistic lip synchronization of heroes with spoken issues and reliable path finding. Nevertheless, the minimum hardware requirements have not changed significantly. It was not decided to rebuild the interface, which worked well in the stand.

The program is designed to work independently and does not require a basic version of the game, but it is strongly recommended that the player read the first part well before starting the next episode, and eventually completed it - Heart of Osiris is strongly based on the story presented in the original and for fresh players many things may seem to be completely incomprehensible. Of course, a large number of NPCs are completely new characters (and sometimes very inventive, such as a burning bush that claims to be God - a motif that is not known from Egyptian mythology at all). Although this is not a full sequel, the Deck 13 developers ensure that the Osiris Heart scenario will provide players with a similar length of fun to the first part.

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Game score 7.57 / 10 calculated out of 90 players' votes.  

System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

Recommended: Pentium 4 1.5 GHz, 256MB RAM, graphic card 64MB (GeForce 3 or better)

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