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Atlantis Fantasy (WWW cover
Game Box forAtlantis Fantasy (WWW)

Atlantis Fantasy WWW

A social game created for facebook users. We play as a god or goddess and try to rebuild the sunken Atlantis at Poseidon's command.

Strategy | fantasy | Economic | Facebook | mythology

Atlantis Fantasy Release Date WWW


developer: Kobojo publisher: Kobojo Official website

English language game language: English

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Atlantis Fantasy is a classic production of settlement development simulators, drawing on the solutions known from the titles such as FarmVille or CityVille. In this case we play the role of a god or goddess, who at the persuasion of the dangerous Poseidon decide to rebuild the legendary city of Atlantis, sunken centuries ago. We observe the game in isometric projection.

The player's basic task is to obtain as many raw materials as possible, which are necessary for the construction of new facilities. Most of them generate cash from time to time, but in exchange for its collection we lose energy points. They regenerate gradually every few minutes, as well as when upgrading to a higher level of experience.

Thanks to the architect's mode, we can arrange all buildings at our own discretion, as well as remove obstacles blocking the development of our city. During the game we receive a number of missions. Initially, they show the basic elements of the game and are a form of tutorial, but over time their difficulty level and the value of the prizes they receive for fulfilling all the set goals increases.

Among the extensive social aspects, a special role is played by the option of visiting the settlements of friends from the facebook service. The interactions available include the exchange of existing raw materials, as well as assistance in erecting special buildings that require the joint efforts of several players. Traditionally, we inform about the progress of the game by publishing announcements on the board.

Atlantis Fantasy uses a micropayment system based on facebook virtual cash, which we can buy for real money. In return, we gain access to, among other things, unique decorative elements.

The visual setting is cartoon-like and dominated by pastel colours. Everything is kept in a slightly humorous fairy-tale style.

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Game mode: multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Atlantis Fantasy: Good for all ages.

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