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Big Head Bash (WWW cover
Game Box forBig Head Bash (WWW)

Big Head Bash WWW

An action platform browser game created by Spicy Horse studio, founded by former id Software employee American McGee.

Action | platform | Facebook | network | browser | co-op | shooters

Big Head Bash Release Date WWW


developer: Spicy Horse publisher: Spicy Horse Official website

English language game language: English

Big Head Bash is an action platform browser game available on Facebook, Armor Games, Kongregate or Spicy World. It was created by Spicy Horse studio, known for example from Alice: Madness Returns, founded by American McGee, in the past employee of id Software and level designer for Doom and Quake games, among others.

This game has all the features of a specific, mixing different genres of McGee style. This is a shooter with action shown from the side (like in 2D games, on the fashion of popular Worms), in which we control large-headed figures. Some of them come from previous studio games (such as Alice or the cat from Cheshire with both titles from the Alice series), while others are caricatures of well-known American politicians (George Bush, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney) or game developers. Regardless of whoever you choose, you can equip your character with two weapons - from a mechanical saw and drill to a flame thrower, rifles and sniper rifles, to a cock launcher and a pepper mill. You can also choose from a variety of bonuses, which increase the speed of reloading weapons or moving the figurine.

The game itself is not too complicated and resembles a combination of platformer and classic shooters. Like an unrestricted roll-out for up to twelve people, it takes place on about ten maps, stylized on a pirate ship, a jungle, a toy shop or a lava arena from the Quake series. On each of them are scattered bonuses, such as first-aid kits or additional ammunition. They are abundant in platforms and jumps, which allow you to use many interesting tactics and fast moving around the board.

The creators from Spicy Horse gave us five gameplay modes. In addition to the tutorial, team deathmatch and "capture the flag", we can play "Climber", where you should reach the top of the map as soon as possible, and "Hot Potato", which is a mode referring to the popular team game, in which you should catch (in this case: eliminate) the player carrying the title "hot potato". For each victory - depending on the number of enemies killed or the number of points scored - we are rewarded with funds to unlock new figures and equipment, and our characters advance to the next levels of experience (there are 40 of them in total).

Big Head Bash is powered by the Unity engine and is distinguished by a specific cartoon audio-visual setting. Three-dimensional graphics refer to the style of the world of toys, and pleasant music brings to mind early arcade games.

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Game mode: multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 2-12  

Age restrictions Big Head Bash: Good for all ages.

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