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BIT.TRIP COMPLETE is a set of six arcade-music games included in the BIT.TRIP series, created by independent studio Gaijin Games. The games are inspired by classic console 8-bit productions.

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developer: Choice Provisions / Gaijin Games publisher: Rising Star Games Official website

English language game language: English

BIT.TRIP COMPLETE is a set of six arcade and music games from the award-winning and popular BIT.TRIP series, created by independent American studio Gaijin Games. The titles from the series were created over the course of two years and were distributed digitally on Wii consoles, PCs and mobile platforms, such as mobile phones and tablets. When designing them, the creators were inspired by 8-bit classics, especially productions created for the Atari 2600 console. Thanks to this, the games contain many elements that at first glance are recognizable and associated with works from years ago. They are mainly visible in the aesthetics and music of the titles included in the cycle.

The protagonist of BIT.TRIP is Komandor Video - an enigmatic character consisting of only a dozen or so black pixels. Every game in which he plays poses new rhythmic-musical challenges, which can only be met with the help of players.

In this compilation we will find six productions, which differ significantly from each other in terms of gameplay, but retain a consistent character. It is worth noting that each of them requires a lot of dexterity and reflex from the players.

  1. BIT.TRIP BEAT - inspired by the classic Pong title allows players to control a small two-dimensional pallet, reflecting colourful pixels approaching it. Each of them is a note of music played in the background. So by playing not only do we score points, but also create our own soundtrack. In addition to the singleleplayer campaign, the game also allows you to have fun in multiplayer mode for up to four people.
  2. BIT.TRIP CORE - the title modelled on the classic Asteroids. Players control a stationary gun, which is located in the center of the screen. We can shoot in four directions, destroying the missiles coming from each side.
  3. BIT.TRIP VOID - players control the black spot, which grows as they absorb dark pixels approaching it. In addition to collecting them, the player's task is also to bypass white squares, whose impact restores the initial size of the spot. The game allows four people to play at the same time.
  4. BIT.TRIP RUNNER - a platformer in which we directly control the movements of the Video Commander. The hero is constantly running ahead at the same pace, and we must help him avoid and destroy the obstacles standing in his way.
  5. BIT.TRIP FATE is a two-dimensional shoot'em up jib, in which the Commander confronts his most dangerous opponent.
  6. BIT.TRIP FLUX - the game combines elements of all previous versions of the series, once again testing the skills acquired during their course.

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Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode:   Player counter: 1-4  


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