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Game Box for Bubsy 3D (PS1)

Bubsy 3D PS1

One of the first 3D platformers released on the market. The title tells the story of an anthropomorphic lynx that tries to get out of the foreign world and return to Earth.

Arcade | 3D platformers

Sony PlayStation 1
Bubsy 3D cover

developer: Bend Studio

publisher: Accolade

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: split screen, players: 1-2

English language game language: English

game release date for PS1:


Bubsy 3D is one of the first platformers in 3D, which appeared on the market. The production is the fourth installment of the cycle about the adventures of the title character. Previous ones were 2D platforms and appeared on 16-bit consoles.


Anthropomorphic lynx Bubsy is abducted from Earth by representatives of the Woolies race. Luckily, he manages to escape from captivity. On their home planet, Rayon begins an arduous search for atoms and parts of the rocket with which to return home. The world's ruling queens, Poly and Esther, as well as dozens of their subjects, are trying to prevent him from implementing the plan.


Bubsy 3D is one of the first 3D platform games in history. Console owners find themselves on large boards, where they try to collect a certain number of items while controlling the title hero. Along the way they have to defeat dozens of enemies, which they eliminate by jumping on them, as well as cope with numerous agility challenges. The authors have prepared several maps in which the action takes place under water. Then players must pay attention not only to the limit of Bubsy's three lives, but also to the oxygen level indicator at their disposal.

Game modes

In addition to the main module, in which Bubsy's story is presented, Eidetic studio employees also prepared a fun mode for two people. In this game players compete on a split screen, trying to collect the indicated number of atoms in the shortest possible time.

Technical issues

Bubsy 3D is not only one of the first 3D platformers that were released, but also one of the worst-rated productions in the PS1 platform library. The title character, as well as all the other characters from the land of Rayon, was voiced by Lani Minella, who also recorded issues for Darksiders, Diablo II and Borderlands in the following years.

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Game score 2.6 / 10 calculated out of 30 players' votes.  

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