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Game Box for BUTCHER (PC)


A science fiction two-dimensional retro shooter by TransHuman Design. In BUTCHER, we assume the role of a cyborg who is programmed to kill humans on sight.

Action | science fiction | 2D | Polish | indie games | shooters


developer: Transhuman Design

publisher: Transhuman Design

Official website

Game mode: single player

game release date:









BUTCHER for PC, SWITCH and etc. is a title developed by TransHuman Design. One of its creators is Michal Marcinkowski, who designed the cult Soldat. The player assumes the role of a cyborg programmed to kill humans on sight.


BUTCHER is a two-dimensional retro shooter in which the action is presented from the side. The gameplay is focused on traversing post-apocalyptic environments — such as ruined cities, underground tunnels, or dense jungles — and eliminating encountered enemies. There are twenty varied levels to be played. The protagonist fulfills his task with the use of a classic machine gun, shotguns, grenade launchers, rocket launcher, and a chainsaw which is a nod towards the creators of the cult Doom. Moreover, we can use elements of the envrionment to kill opponents; for example throw them into a lake of lava, impale them on a hook, or decapitate with the use of circular saws.

While playing, we have to remember that the cyborg we control can die the exactly same deaths since there are numerous traps set in his way, such as an aquarium filled with bloodthirsty piranhas or heavy self-closing doors, while well-armed enemies are accompanied by armored bosses who take unique tactics to be defeated. The high brutality level goes hand in hand with difficulty—the production draws inspiration from the style of the 90s and so it is supposed to prove challenging to the player.

Technical aspects

BUTCHER for PC, SWITCH and etc. features pixel-art graphics and thus has low system requirements. The game runs smoothly on nearly all machines. The title looks as if it comes from the pre-Doom era, letting us enjoy the pixelated, albeit atmospheric visuals. The gameplay is accompanied by an energetic soundtrack.

Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

Ultra-violent retro shooter Butcher is out now on Steam
Ultra-violent retro shooter Butcher is out now on Steam

news 06 October 2016 12:32

Revisit the 90's playing Butcher, an ultra-violent retro shooter, in which your only goal is to exterminate all humans and everything that moves your way.

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