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Game Box for Clash of the Dragons (WWW)

Clash of the Dragons WWW

Clash of the Dragons is a collector's card game with RPG elements set in fantasy climates. We travel the world as an heir to the Kasanis family and fight against the monsters we encounter. Each battle is shown as a typical card skirmish.

Logic | fantasy | card games

Clash of the Dragons cover

developer: 5th Planet Games

publisher: 5th Planet Games

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1-4

English language game language: English

game release date for WWW:


Clash of the Dragons is a mix of collectible card game with classic elements of the RPG genre. The captivating history of the world, as well as the unusual approach to the combat system makes the production of 5th Planet an interesting proposition for every fan of fantasy.

The player takes on the role of an heir to the Kasanis family, who travels through various fantastic lands in battles with numerous enemies. Exploration of maps takes place in a similar way to hack and slash games, where we observe the hero from above and move around with a mouse click, discovering with the passage of time other areas (which originally surrounds the impenetrable darkness). After encountering hostile creatures, we become a kind of fight from collector's card games.

The combat system is not too complicated, but the multitude of combinations of cards and skills of our hero allow us to develop many strategies of the game. The innovation of the Clash of the Dragons is that the player's deck of cards is the player's health points pool. With each attack, they are taken off the pot, and when damage is healed in any way, they return to use. At the beginning of the duel each player has 3 cards at his disposal, using one of them every turn. Each card has its own attack, defense, and any additional effects associated with its use, such as increasing damage on the next hit or reducing wounds received. These values are additionally modified by the character class (e.g. guard, killer, druid), which can significantly enhance the manoeuvres of a given type. During each attack there is also a chance to hit a critical hit, costing our opponent a lot more cards.

In addition to exploring the world, players can participate in a variety of multiplayer gameplay variants. In addition to classic one-on-one clashes, you can try to combine your strength in a clash with one powerful opponent in Brawl mode. Then up to four people stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. Another multiplayer mode is Draft, in which four players before the game consists of decks of cards taken from boosters - randomly generated sets of cards, which must be bought in the store available in the game. All cards selected in the process of creating their deck are then placed in the player's collection.

In the shop, apart from card sets, you can also buy equipment, which additionally increases the statistics of the character created by us, as well as other, additional bonuses affecting the game. Some of them can only be purchased for a special currency, which is obtained by paying real money.

In the field of card games, the Clash of the Dragons does not knock down in terms of graphics, but it makes up for it with a pleasant musical setting and an interesting duel system.

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age requirements: everyone

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