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Constructor (PS1 cover
Game Box forConstructor (PS1)


A humorous economic strategy in which we take control of our own construction company, and our goal is to compete ruthlessly with the industry's competitors.

Strategy | Economic | RTS | Gangster | Isometric view | city builder

Constructor Release Date







developer: System 3 publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

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Constructor is a humorous economic strategy in which we take control of our own construction company and our goal is to compete ruthlessly with local industry competitors. The title was developed by the experienced British studio System 3, known for such classic productions as International Karate or The Last Ninja series.

For PC players, the creators envisaged a variant of multi-player competition, allowing up to four players to compete via the IPX network.


The gameplay mechanics in a rather loose way refers to the cult Sim City series and introduces a lot of innovative solutions to the fun. We start our career in an empty square with only the headquarters and the city council building at our disposal. In order to ensure access to building materials, we must start by building the appropriate workshops that produce wood, concrete, bricks or metal for us. With such facilities, we can proceed with the construction of houses - when we rent them to newly arrived citizens, they will provide us with income and allow our company to surpass the competition. Potential residents are divided into several segments, and each of them can only live in properties of a standard that meets its requirements. The construction of special buildings, such as schools and hospitals, in turn, provides a variety of benefits.

An important element of the game are various random events and fierce competition with competing construction companies. For example, hippies who protest against the production of a given raw material, or equipped with mechanical saws and hockey masks of psychopaths who terrorise our construction team, stand on the way to the implementation of our plans. In order to effectively slow down the competition, we can use a whole arsenal of unclean games, such as hiring thieves, saboteurs, party people and even ghosts. At a later stage of the game, the mafia also stands in our way. Having sneaked into her grace, we can count on actions that do not necessarily comply with the law, which significantly slow down the development of our rivals.

Constructor offers several fun modes that stand out from the rest of the game. There is also a free "Build, Build, Build" mode where there are no restrictions and we can create a real city of our dreams.

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Last updated on 31 May 2017

Game mode: single / multiplayer  

Media type: 1 CD

Age restrictions Constructor: 12+

Constructor System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Recommended:
  • 486/DX2 66 MHz
  • 8 MB RAM
  • graphic card 1 MB
  • 4 MB HDD
  • DOS
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