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Game Box for Crashday Redline Edition (PC)

Crashday Redline Edition PC

A refreshed and expanded version of 2006's Crashday, developed by the creators of the original version, the Moonbyte studio.

Racing | vehicles | arcade elements | multiplayer

PC / Windows
Crashday Redline Edition cover

developer: Moonbyte

publisher: 2tainment

Official website

Game mode: single / multiplayer

Multiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1-8

English language game language: English

game release date for PC:


Crashday Redline Edition for PC is a refreshed and extended version of 2006's Crashday. Similar to the original Crashday (it came out 11 years earlier), Crashday Redline Edition was developed by Moonbyte.


The player takes part in racing competitions those are both insane and dynamic. The game offers 12 cars, including both lightweight urban vehicles and heavy off-road cars, apart from extremely fast sport rides. Each vehicle can be additionally improved using the game's extensive customization system. The player races on 36 diverse tracks (10 of them were introduced in this Redline Edition) enriched with different obstacles or jumps. When fighting for victory, equally important to getting familiar with the track is making an appropriate use of tools that make it harder for the opponents, such as cannons or missile launchers; it is also easier to win when the player collects power-ups scattered throughout the tracks, as they can instantly fix the player's car or refill one's ammunition.

Crashday Redline Edition for PC offers seven kinds of championships. Race is the first of them, and the player's goal here is simply to cross the finish line at the best possible position. In the Wrecking Match, the player fights other competitors on the arena, aiming to completely destroy their vehicles. Stunt Mode is the next on the list; the player assumes the role of a stuntman that performs different tricks, jumps and spins in mid-air. Hold the Flag is a variation on the Capture the Flag mode, which was popularized by multiplayer shooters; the player intercepts a smiley face and scores points while taking it through subsequent checkpoints. In Pass the Bomb, the titular bomb is inside the player's car, and it has to be passed on to an opponent's car as quickly as possible a similar mechanic was employed in the Bomb Run mode here, the player cannot reduce their speed below a specified level, or an on-board package blows up. The Test Drive mode is the last; the player is free to roam the tracks they have created themselves the game features a complex editor, which gives an opportunity to create one's own tracks and share them with the game's community. What complements the last element mentioned, is that the game fully supports fan-made modifications, as it is integrated with Steam Workshop.

Game modes

The game can be experienced solo or in company of up to seven other players. Crashday Redline Edition offers three singleplayer modes apart from the career (where the player gradually gets closer to victory in the Crashday league), unlocking subsequent cars and customization parts, the player can try out six special challenges and single races against the AI-controlled opponents.

Technical aspects

Compared with the original version, Crashday Redline Edition for PC brings mainly improved visuals the creators had worked on both textures and lighting, as well as on the damage system, which governs the effects of collisions taking place on the tracks. Furthermore, the controls were improved and the game was re-balanced, which eliminated over a hundred errors present in the original edition. It is also worth noticing the soundtrack, which effectively intensifies the competition. The list of tracks one listens to while racing includes songs by such musicians as Lowbuz, Peter Struck or Pencilcase.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

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