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Dark and Darker Mobile (AND cover
Game Box forDark and Darker Mobile (AND)

Dark and Darker Mobile

A mobile spin-off of Dark and Darker and a third-person online RPG, developed by Krafton. Dark and Darker Mobile tasks us with exploring dungeons, finding riches, facing bloodthirsty monsters and other players.

RPG | TPP | fantasy | dungeon-crawler | online | co-op

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developer: Krafton publisher: Krafton

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Dark and Darker Mobile is a mobile spin-off of Dark and Darker, created by Krafton. Like the first game, it's an online RPG dungeon crawler.


The story of Dark and Darker Mobile doesn't matter much. The game is set in a dark fantasy world, where the player must venture deep into dark dungeons. We must plunder underground riches and emerge to the surface in one piece.


Dark and Darker Mobile starts with us choosing our character class. These include fighter, barbarian, ranger, rogue and cleric.

Unlike in the previous game, this one is third-person. Most of the mechanics are still rather similiar, though. The player must traverse the dungeons in search of loot and dispatch enemies. Once we decide we've had enough, we must make it back to the surface.

The player can wield various weapons, abilities and magical spells. Since our characters are rather slow, our attacks must strike true if we're to succeed. We'll face both monsters and other players. The further we progress, the more players we'll encounter, as just like in battle royales, the playable area shrinks over time, making players face each other much more often. Though we can work solo, it's often better to cooperate with other players.

Game modes

Dark and Darker Mobile was designed with multiplayer in mind.

Technical aspects

Dark and Darker Mobile retains the original game's dark artstyle. Overall, the production looks rather good.

Last updated on 20 November 2023

Game mode: multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Dark and Darker Mobile: 16+

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