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Game Box for Deep Dungeons of Doom (PC)

Deep Dungeons of Doom

Deep Dungeons of Doom is a humorous RPG that makes every element of the genre as simple as possible. While playing, the player has to break through the monster-filled underground, where enemies have to be defeated by means of a combat system with only two keys.

RPG | fantasy | 2D | dungeon-crawler

Deep Dungeons of Doom cover

developer: Bossa Studios

publisher: Bossa Studios

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Game mode: single player

game release date:







Deep Dungeons of Doom is an AND, iOS and PC-based old-school RPG that brings the classic dungeon crawlers to pure essence. The project was developed by the Boss studio, the authors of, i.e. Surgeon Simulator 2013 or I Am Bread.


Like the rest of the game, the plot of Deep Dungeons of Doom is not complicated. The game is set in a classic fantasy land, which has become a victim of more and more regular demon invasions. Attempts by ordinary warriors to defend mankind from this threat have failed. In desperation, the king turns to the noble hero (us) for help, entrusting him with the task to discover and eliminate the source of the invasion.

The first adventure takes us to the canals under the capital of the kingdom. After proving our bravery, we get permission to set out on a journey through the land to kill all evil. The story of Deep Dungeons of Doom is told with a tongue in cheek and laughs at the dazzling standards of the fantasy genre. Our hero is a complete beetroot and a palfrey, who is, at the same time, sacrosanctly convinced of his uniqueness. Not only the narrator, who reports on his adventures with a great deal of malice, but even ordinary opponents, regularly get hurt by his self-confidence.


Fun gameplay mechanismc are also part of the game. We explore undergrounds, fight monsters, gather treasures, and develop the hero's skills. However, each of these elements was reduced to an absolute minimum. We won't be able to see the underground, and each floor of the dungeon is a single screen with enemies that we have to kill. The combat system is equally simple - it happens in real time and has been reduced to two buttons: one for attacking and the other for defending. Despite such minimalistic controls, battles are murderously difficult and the player has to show perfect reflex and ability to read the movements of enemies - a few mistakes are enough to get killed.

There are three character classes to choose from - Crusader, Witch, and Mercenary. Each profession has its own equipment, a set of skills and its own development tree. The enemies themselves are also very diverse. This makes it necessary to learn the rhythm of attacks of different types of enemies. The developers have implemented a mechanic that allows the player to attack a fractio of a second earlier than an enemy, causing much more damage. Mastering this art is the key to defeat the most powerful enemies.

Technical issues

Deep Dungeons of Doom offers retro-style graphics with distinctive character designs, despite the fact that they were built of several pixels. The game is accompanied by an equally old-school soundtrack, reminiscent of productions available on Amiga computers.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

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