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Based on id Software's cult FPS shooter, a first-person RPG with a turn-based combat system, a sequel to the simple Java game from 2005. The plot takes us once again to a military base on Mars overrun by monsters from another dimension.

RPG | FPP | science fiction | turn-based | classic RPG | very brutal

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developer: id Software publisher: id Software

English language game language: English

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Doom II RPG is another attempt to combine the legend of one of the most famous FPS shooters in history with elements of a simple RPG game. The title is a direct continuation of the game, which debuted in 2005 on mobile phones with Java support, but in contrast to it appeared only on modern mobile devices with iOS system. Like the first Doom RPG and Wolfenstein RPG released in 2008, the game is the result of cooperation between Fountainhead Entertainment studio and the original creators of Doom - id Software studio.

Chronologically speaking, the action of the game takes place before the events shown in Doom RPG. As a result of secret experiments, research laboratories of UAC corporations on Mars, the Moon and Earth were captured by hosts of demons and bloodthirsty zombies. A team of commandos and a scientist is sent to investigate the situation. On arrival, however, the team divides, and during the game itself, the player is only left on himself. His task will be to investigate the causes of unexplained events and get out of the base in one piece.

Starting the game we choose one of the three available characters: Sergeant Stan Blazkovicz (descendant of B.J Blazkovicz from the Wolfenstein series), Major Kira Morgan and scientist Riley O'Conner. Each of the characters of course distinguishes itself by slightly different initial parameters. The action is shown in the first-person perspective and boils down to wandering through successive locations on the Moon, Earth and in the heart of hell, solving simple riddles and interacting with the survivors in order to obtain the necessary information. Of course, there will also be a fight against various opponents, including monsters known from Doom games (e.g. Pinky, Cacodemon, Revenant), as well as completely new ones (e.g. Sawcubus, Sentinel). The fight was carried out in a turn-based system and its key element is the use of the right weapon at the right time.

In the course of the game, with each monster killed, the heroes gain experience, advance to the next level of character and improve their individual statistics. New weapons, ammunition or first-aid kits can be found by searching the corpses of our victims or by using the distribution machines we encounter. The creators also prepared a number of additional mini-games, such as hacking security systems or hostile robots. They allow you to develop certain skills and give you access to special bonuses such as lower commodity prices or special nano-drinks to temporarily increase your character stats or ensure your integrity.

When it comes to Doom II RPG on iOS, it is at an average level, graphically reminiscent of the original Doom II over a decade ago. The weapon arsenal used in the game was also taken mainly from the first two games of the series (although there was also a place for the Soul Cube, known from Doom 3). The only new weapon is a special holy water gun, which can be replenished in any source of water and can also be used to heal characters.

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Last updated on 18 May 2015

Game mode: single player  

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User score: 7.9 / 10 based on 29 votes.

Age restrictions Doom II RPG: 12+

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