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Game Box for Elveon (PC)


An epic fantasy action RPG developed by 10tacle Studios. The action of Elveon takes place in the land of Naon which centuries ago was chosen by the gods who wished to transform it into an utopian paradise.

RPG | fantasy | action RPG

Elveon cover

game release date:

Development of the game Elveon have been suspended and will not be continued.

X360 PS3

The official release date of the game has not been announced yet.


Elveon for PC, X360 and PS3 is a modern epic action game full of RPG and fantasy elements. The project is great in its scope as far as its technical side and content are concerned. The developers intent was to create an extraordinary and uncommon game, one that it attracts attention of a large gaming fanbase.


The game world and the plot can make an impression outright. Many centuries ago, the land of Naon was chosen by the gods who wanted to transform it into an Utopian paradise. Naon, inhabited by universally gifted elves called the Neamas, indeed had predispositions to become a divine and wonderful place. Alas, the creators abandoned Naon for unknown reasons and lost interest it in, leaving the land to itself. Nature abhors a vacuum, though, so lesser deities and demigods emerged from the shadows, convinced that they are the ones who are the most proficient in ruling. The ambitious elves extremely disapproved of this, so they decided to take steps to thwart the plans of the gods’ descendants. It almost instantly led to a grand conflict, greater than any one that has happened before in Naon. Such turmoil is almost a natural environment for all kinds of goons, swashbucklers, and other rogues—the people whom we, modern gamers, call adventurers.


One of the aforementioned adventurers is our digital avatar in the world of Neon. The player assume the role of an elite soldier, a member of an incredibly mysterious brotherhood of warrior monks. Of course, what the designers have in store for us goes far beyond our initial notion of existence in the game world. Succeeding requires more than perfect use of the combat techniques we have mastered—given the supernatural nature of our adversaries, they possess a high resistance to the ordinary, mundane martial arts.

Only an in-depth study of the history of the Naon’s most prominent heroes as well as adoption of the knowledge of old will allow us to learn long-forgotten or previously unknown techniques thanks to which we shall be able to take a more even fight to the usurpers. However, to fulfill the prophecies and have the honor of learning one of the four most powerful combat styles, we will have to accomplish things that history of the elven land has not known before. Otherwise: you know, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Technical aspects

Since the world of Elveon is inhabited mostly by elves, not humans, the developers dedicated a lot of time and effort to create a realistic culture and art that would fit this sophisticated people. Also, visualizing Naon required a lot of investments. Therefore, Elveon for PC, X360 and PS3 is powered by Unreal Engine 3, which ensures world-class graphics. Combining a unique story with a state-of-the-art audiovisual layer are the game’s advantage.

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