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Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise PS4

Hokuto ga Gotoku

Hokuto ga Gotoku is an action-adventure game built on the foundations of the Yakuza series. The title was developed by one of the in-house developer teams at Sega, the one responsible for the Yakuza series.

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Sony PlayStation 4
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publisher : SEGA

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Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS4:


Hokuto ga Gotoku is an action-adventure post-apocalyptic game released on PS4. The title was developed by the same development team in Sega that is also responsible for the Yakuza series.


The game is based on the classic Japanese franchise Hokuto no Ken, which includes comics, cartoons and books. Outside Japan the series is known as Fist of the North Star. The game takes place in a distant future, in a post-apocalyptic world. The player assumes the role of a warrior named Kenshiro, who is a master of a powerful martial arts style Hokuto Shinken. It enables him to kill enemies by attacking hidden vital points on their bodies.

The plot of Hokuto ga Gotoku for PS4 revolves around a city known as Eden. The city is having almost infinite supplies of fresh water and electricity. Kenshiro arrives there after he hears rumors that his supposedly dead fiancée was seen there.


The PS4 version of Hokuto ga Gotoku is an action-adventure game based on the foundations of Yakuza series. Eden is an open place that can be freely explored. In addition to completing the main plot, player can complete various side activities, among which there are short story adventures and varied minigames – for example, the player can work as a bartender.

The gameplay focuses on melee combat. The developers created an advanced combat system that features rich variety of techniques and special attacks. During the campaign the player can face groups of regular enemies and powerful bosses, among which there are other masters and mutated giants. The game isn’t realistic – Kenshiro can perform actions and techniques that would be impossible to perform for any human. Some Hokuto Shinken attacks can even cause the bodies of enemies to explode.

Technical aspects

The game was developed by using an improved version of Dragon Engine, technology created originally for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. In Hokuto ga Gotoku the developers introduced a strongly cartoon-like style that is faithful to the Fist of the North Star comic and its animated adaptations.

Expectations: 8.3 / 10 calculated out of 9 players' votes.  

PEGI Rating

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