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Game Box for Gal*Gun 2 (PS4)

Gal*Gun 2

Another installment in a series of hilarious rail-shooters that require the player to confront groups of the protagonist's female schoolmates that have fallen in love with him.

Action | FPP | FPS | rail shooter | humorous | shooters | erotic games

Gal*Gun 2 cover

developer: Inti Creates

publisher : pQube

Official website

Game mode: single player

game release date:


PS4 Switch

Gal*Gun 2 for PS4 and SWITCH is a hilarious rail-shooter game played from the first-person view. The game was created by a Japanese studio founded in 1996 by a group of gamemakers, former employees of Capcom. The team is popular mainly for numerous installments of the Mega Man series of platformers. Although Gal*Gun 2 is a continuation to the previous installments of the series, it was largely based on Gal*Gun VR (2017), which was developed specifically for VR headsets.


The player takes on the role of an average student of a Japanese high school. One day, he receives a mysterious package. Inside, the protagonist finds a strange-looking weapon, and goggles. When he puts the goggles on, an angel by the name of Risu appears in front of him, asking for help in the fight against a mischievous demon called Kurona. The protagonist agrees to help, but it soon turns out it will not be an easy task. As a result of a devilish curse brought on him, all the girls who attend the same school fall in love with him at first sight. Using the magic weapon, the protagonist has to defend himself against crowds of adorers, as well as to help them to get released from the curse.


Mechanics-wise, Gal*Gun 2 for PS4 and SWITCH is a classic rail-shooter played from the first-person view. However, this title uses a gameplay formula taken straight from Gal*Gun VR. Throughout the game, the player moves from one location to another, One visits different corners of the protagonist's hometown, obviously including the school. The player cannot leave their current location until they have defeated all the enemies visible on the screen. In order to defend the protagonist against attacks coming from all directions, the player can freely rotate the view 360 degrees. Two basic weapon types were included one fires pheromones that stop girls that run towards the protagonist, the other is a vacuum cleaner that sucks out the demon that has possessed them.

Technical aspects

Gal*Gun 2 for PS4 and SWITCH is not much different from Gal*Gun VR in terms of both the visuals and the audio. The creators used the same character models, graphical effects and locations, enriching them with contents that have already appeared in the previous installments. The player meets about 70 different girls in the game and all of them were fully voiced-over by Japanese actresses.

System requirements