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Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms (WWW cover
Game Box forGame of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms (WWW)

Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms WWW

A browser MMORPG developed by Bigpoint in cooperation with the experienced Norwegian studio Artplant. The game is based on the fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin.

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Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms Release Date WWW


developer: Artplant publisher: Bigpoint Official website

English language game language: English

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Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms is a browser RPG based on the series of fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin. The title was created by Bigpoint in cooperation with the experienced Norway studio Artplant, creators of titles like Battlestar Galactica Online.


The game takes place in the same time frame as the first book in the series. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms features almost the whole Westeros continent – from the Wall in the north to the King’s Landing in the south. The story focuses on the conflict between the houses of Lannister, Baratheon and Stark. Each fraction intends to make its man the King’s governor. What’s interesting, when creating a character, the player doesn’t join any of these groups. Instead, he assumes the role of a member of a lesser house and he can decide which side of the conflict he will join. This enables the player to change alliances at any point of the game, dynamically changing the political situation of the virtual world.


When one of the factions in Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms takes control of the position of king’s governor, the groups that support it gain temporary bonuses. However, keeping the position isn’t easy as there are always many rivals plotting to take it over. The game focuses mostly on PvP mode in which player clashes with other players. Those who prefer fighting artificial intelligence can complete a few side quests, but this is more like training before facing other players than an actual campaign.

The combat system is action based. The player moves by using WASD keys and can use three basic attack types of different strength. The game lacks automatic attack mode – during the duels the players must use their reflex and tactical sense to win. In addition to regular battles in the game world and on special arenas, the title also offers a system of duels in which there are special objectives to meet. For example, one group is attacking traveling supply carts while the other group is trying to protect them.

Later in the game giant battles and sieges are introduced. Conquering a stronghold provides access to additional supplies, resources and tax income. In addition to that, owners of fortresses can participate in voting that determines the new governor. As the player progresses in the game, his character gains experience and becomes more powerful. The title lacks any class system. Instead of that, each player can freely decide what skills he needs. It is also possible to upgrade equipment and weapons.

Technical aspects

Games of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms is a browser game and it offers high quality three-dimensional graphics. The title is powered by Unity engine. Thanks to the cooperation with HBO, the developers could not only use information from the books, but base the visual style of their game on the TV series as well.

Game mode: massive online multiplayer  

Expectations: 7.4 / 10 based on 73 votes.

Age restrictions Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms: Good for all ages.

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